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  62 Impala

Greg Vail

Wisdom from the 62 Impala

Wisdom from the 62 Impala

Greg Vail's 62 Chevy Impala is a 4 door with a 327 small block. Click Image for full gallery

1962 Impala for Sale!

Update DECEMBER 2011 - My 62 Impala is for sale.
Green and White 4 door 327, matching power glide trans, awesome and fun ride!!!!
1962 Impala - FOR SALE PAGE
Greg's 1962 Chevy Impala PICs Gallery. (180 Pictures/Images)
The DIRECT URL is easy to remember and to share with friends -
Contact Greg Vail

My 62 Impala Story

Wisdom from the 62...

I bought my 1962 Chevy Impala as my world was collapsing around me back in 1999. I was separated and heading toward divorce court and she was pregnant! I had to file Bankruptcy and was waiting for the repo-man to visit my carport this time. I decided I needed something more stable in my life; a car I would own that no one was going to take away. I didn't have much cash, was running out of time, and had a friend (and great Percussionist) offer to sell his 62 Chevy Impala cheap. Running, but barely, I had to tow her down from Lodi, California. Thanks to Mombo Hernandez for hooking me up as I entered mid-life.

'She' was trashed. 100% original parts, breaking down every other day, light rust all over 38 year-old paint with parts falling off at the worst times. When a seemingly not-very-good friend pointed out that my car and I were the same age; I looked at 'her' and thought, "Bummer!"

I later looked in the mirror and said the same, "Bummer!"

I was told I only needed to put some money into the Chevy and 'she' would be a classic. 'She' had all 'her' parts but needed some real attention. The mirror said the same to me. With a little upkeep, I too could be a classic!!

Call me crazy, but I went out over the next few months and bought the "classic" bike, a beach cruiser, and a 'classic' long-board skateboard (cause my Junker Chevy was dieing and I needed back up). 'She' was still a Junker.

"Nickel and Dime" is an understatement at 8 or 9 Grand! Thank God it is ONE day at a time and it has been a few years now!

Flash to 2002.

It has been a couple of years and the Chevy is looking real tough under the hood, got some paint and definitely turns some heads when 'she' is cleaned up. 'She' is turning 40 with me this year; looks 'her' age, but is the picture of older being better cause she can kick any new car for character, class, style, personality, beauty, attitude and POWER.

'She' is a classic 62 Impala. 'She' has been totally rebuilt under the hood with all the STREET ROD scream I could afford; needs a tune up, and all the outside cosmetics finished soon. Not perfect and still a work in progress; just needs a little more love to be kicking it harder...

The only difference between a Junker and a Classic is "Upkeep!" and that works for cars and people alike!

Blessings to you and yours...

Greg Vail

1962 Impala

1962 Impala

Chevy Impala Classic

Greg's 1962 Impala

62 Impala for sale

2011 UPDATE - My 62 Impala is for sale. GO to the For Sale Page and check out the PICs in the 62 Impala Gallery - 180 Impala Images

Want to hear some cool sax? I play Saxophone and have some great Instrumental Sax tunes here online.

Check out the Greg Vail Home Page for Great Sax!

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