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Jazz Sax Player Greg Vail. Christmas CD of traditional Christmas songs. Smooth Jazz Christmas CD is an Instrumental Christmas Favorite.

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Review from Canada’s Café Jazz

Christmas 2004

Joy to the World - Greg Vail: Whether he's playing a passionate ballad or dazzling us with a charged performance, Vail remains one of contemporary music's most dynamic performers. A man of deep personal conviction, Greg brings all these elements to a wonderfully joyful rendering of the holiday classic. Enjoy!

CD: Christmas The Hymns

Label: Greg Vail Music



Thank You so much for the CDs! Wow, what a surprise to get the second gift CD!!!! That was very thoughtful! I really enjoyed it!!!

Just thought I’d tell you how I found out about you! I’m a copyright examiner at the copyright office in Washington, DC. I examined your Christmas Hymns album several weeks ago and I fell in love with the first track…couldn’t stop playing it…over and over!!! It’s so spirited and joyful! I kept the extra CD on my desk for a while to listen to it while I wrote letters. It’s a great album! You see, I was a music ed. Major in college (clarinet was my major instrument, with a minor on alto sax) – yes, we all have music degrees here in the Performing Arts section!!! It’s required for the job! I haven’t played the sax in ages…and miss it! What a fun instrument. I played in a few jazz bands in college and had a blast!

Anyway…I just knew I had to have your album…so did a little sleuthing…couldn’t find it on Amazon! and finally saw the reference to your website in the CD notes…duh!

Anyway, thanks for a great product…and for the great customer service! Enclosed is my check…I included a little extra just to say “thanks!”

Happy Holidays!

Claire Gardiner


Hey guys!

This goes out to both my wonderful brother Greg and my sweet nephew BJ. Ben, you were great on the Christmas CD!!! Makes my heart sing to see how well you are doing. Keep up the good work Ben. Greg, I love you. Keep in touch. Greg, you have been faithful to the blessings God has bestowed upon you. There is much more to come.

Love your littlest sis,


You did an excellent job on the CD. Are you even slightly aware of how awesome you are?


I am in the sixth grade, and I play the alto sax as a second year band student at a school called Golden Elementary. Not trying to brag but I'm second seat in the honors band. You should get Greg's (my dad's) new Christmas CD. I am proud of what I did, and so is my dad.

The CD is soo peaceful, and there has been nobody with a complaint! In fact, everybody has complimented him so much, that it gets annoying even for me! It's the best!

First it was a little joke with me playing on my dad's CD, but then I really did! It was lot's of fun and I enjoyed it! Although I'm awfully lucky to have my dad tutor me if i need help!

That is all I have to say, maybe someday we'll meet!

~Ben VAIL -In response to a fan inquiring about his involvement on "Christmas, The Hymns".


Hey Greg:

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say hi. I have been gone for the past few months and have finally returned home. I was able to get a hold of your new Christmas CD, let me just say how great it was. I'm sure you are very proud of Ben, there is a lot of talent there.

I was able to get a quick glimpse of Vanessa at church on Sunday, what a doll! I wanted to come and say hello but I had traffic duty. Anyway, she is just a little mini version of you.

Thank you for sharing your gifts with others, I looking forward to seeing you in Seal or Huntington Beach soon.

If I see you this weekend I'll stop the flow of traffic and say hi.

Have a wonderful and blessed Easter. God's Blessings


_ __________________________________________

Hi Greg,

I finally had a quiet moment today so that I could sit down and listen to it (Christmas the Hymns CD). It's beautiful!

I like Christmas music even when it is not in the season. The songs on your CD are very pretty and relaxing to listen to.

Scott Stansfield-

P.S. I'm certain that I'm not the first person to tell you that the Christmas CD is killer so just add my name to the list!

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