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  Christian CDs

Greg Vail

Gospel Saxophonist Greg Vail – Recording Credits for Contemporary Christian and Gospel CDs.
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Gospel Saxophonist Greg Vail – Gospel and Contemporary Christian CD Credits

Gospel and Christian CD Credits Include:

  • "25 Classic Instrumentals" Maranatha Music.
  • Rick Muchow:
    • "Saddleback, 25 Years" Encouraging Music.
    • "It's Christmas" Encouraging Music.
    • "One Nation Under God" Encouraging Music.
    • ”Sounds Of Saddleback, Volume 1 ” Encouraging Music.
    • ”All About Love” Encouraging Music.
    • ”Healing Grace” Encouraging Music.
    • ”Promises” Encouraging Music.
    • ”Live @ Saddleback” Encouraging Music.
    • ”Home” Encouraging Music.
  • Morris Chapman:
    • ”Bethlehem Morning” High Praise.
    • ”The Psalmist” High Praise.
    • ”The Psalmist Trax” High Praise.
  • Troy Kenedy
    • ”Undone” New Worship.
    • ”Let The People Praise Him” New Worship.
  • Bob Barrett
    • ”Celebrate America” Taylor Made.
    • ”Caliente!” Taylor Made.
  • Richard Abanes
    • ”Hold On” Jude 3.
    • ”Everlasting Love” Jude 3.
  • Sunday Shoes:
    • "Dancing On The Edge" Edge Dancer.
    • "Broken Ground" Edge Dancer.
  • Rene’ Bondi :
    • “Surrender To Your Love”
    • “Let It Rain”
  • Ronny Huffman ”Te Seguire’” Vida.
  • Jon Gibson:
    • ”Forever Friends” Frontline Record.
    • ”Songs of Encouragement & Healing” Frontline Records.
  • Petra
    • ”Petra Praise” Word Records.
    • "En Alabanza" Word Records.

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  • Crystal Lewis ”Remember” Frontline Records.
  • John Elefante ”Windows Of Heaven” Word Records.
  • Rick Cua ”Within Reach” Word Records.
  • Leon Patillo ”Souly For Him” RPI.
  • R & B Christmas ”R & B Christmas” Unison.
  • Collection ”Rock Power Praise” Pakaderm.
  • Collection ”Portrait of a Spirit” Pakaderm.
  • Junko:
    • ”No Secrets” Toodeetoons.
    • ”Live In Harmony” New Day.
  • Apocalypse ”The Final Plea” Frontline Records.
  • Nu Vision:
    • ”Everlasting Love” Word Records.
    • ”Forever Mine” Word Records.
  • Mark Pogue & Fortress ”Restoration” Pakaderm.
  • Oscar Medina ”Ser Cristinao Es Algo Mas” Spring.
  • Scott Blackwell:
    • ”Once Upon A Time” Myx.
    • ”Nitro Christmas”Myx.
  • Brenda White ”An Evening In December” Antioch.
  • Kevin Prosch ”Even So Come” New Breed.
  • Mary Beth Carlson ”In This Quiet Place” MBC.

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  • Marcos Witt ”Te Anitelo” Word Records.
  • Christmas Colors ”Christmas Colors” Word Records.
  • Carl Tuttle ”Without Your Love” Vineyard.
  • CCF "Children Of The Consuming Fire" Vineyard.
  • Michael Beuerf ”Friends” Insight.
  • Colby 5 ”Putting Feet On Faith” Frontline Records.
  • Andy Bliss ”I Choose To Follow” HP Records.
  • Classical Vineyard ”Classical Vineyard” Vineyard.
  • Classical Vineyard II ”Classical Vineyard II” Vineyard.
  • Kelli Reisen "Dream of a Lifetime" Pakaderm.
  • Greg Long "Cross My Heart" Myrrh.
  • Various Artist "Dancing With Frostie" Unison.
  • Various Artrist "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree"
  • Various Artists. ”Shades Of Blue” Alarma.
  • Various Artists:
    • ”Classic Praise” Maranatha.
    • ”Classic Praise Instrumental” Maranatha.
  • Take Our Lives ”Touching The Fathers Heart” Vineyard.
  • Celebration ”Praise To The Holy One” Vineyard.
  • Glory And Honor ”Touching The Fathers Heart” Vineyard.
  • Lord Over All ”Worship Songs of the” Vineyard 12 Vineyard.
  • Great Is Your Mercy ”Touching The Fathers Heart” 16 Vineyard.
  • Give Him Praise ”Worship Songs of the Vineyard” Mercy.
  • Spirit of the Sovereign Lord ”Touching the Fathers Heart” 21 Vineyard.
  • Faithful One ”Songs of the Vineyard” Mercy.
  • Faithful One ”Vineyard Instrumental 3” Vineyard.
  • Desire Only You ”Vineyard Instrumental 4” Vineyard.
  • Rodrigo Rodriguez ”Inspired By You” Palondra Group.
  • Various ”Reggae Worship Vol. 2” Frontline Records.

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