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Greg Vail

Customer Service - Contact and all About. Us

Greg Vail and Greg Vail Music

Contact Information

Email Greg Vail:

Mailing Address: Greg Vail Music
P.O. Box 1661, Lake Forest, CA. 92609

Phone: 949-837-2807 - You can leave a message here for any reason and Greg or Shannon will return your call. Remember to include your name and a call-back number if you need to talk with someone directly. Please speak clearly and repeat the phone number slowly so we can actually respond!

Fax Number: 949-837-2807 - 24/7/7 for comments, problems or concerns - you can fax us too!


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Greg Vail CD Catalog

Greg Vail Sound Clips


All orders on Greg Vail Music are processed thru PayPal at 128 bit SSL encryption to process all orders. Order securely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Both PayPal and Greg Vail Music have strong statements regarding private information and the need to keep it that way!

We do not gather any personal information about our customers and would never sell or share any information, anytime, for any reason.

About Greg Vail CDs

Greg Vail CDs are professionally recorded, produced, packaged and shipped. With the growth of home studios in this country, it is more important than ever before to ‘listen’ to the available Sound Clips before making an online purchase. It seems like everyone has a CD out and for sale online. Listen to the Sample Clips and then visit the CD Catalog if you like what you heard!

That’s why we have extensive Audio available of every track from every CD on Greg Vail Music. Greg Vail CDs - Great Saxophone playing, refreshing arrangements, top notch LA recording musicians, specific genre and style for each CD, and an engaging variety of featured instruments and musical styles make each CD a highly playable adventure from track 1 till the very end.

Buying CDs – Safe, Secure and Satisfaction Guaranteed

All CDS are 100% guaranteed. If you are unhappy for any reason, you can return your CDs for a full refund. Damaged product at delivery will be replaced upon notification of the problem. Customer Service can be contacted by Email, Phone, Mail or FAX and are listed at the top of this page.

All returns will be paid in the same manner the original payment was made by the customer. A PayPal order would be refunded thru your PayPal account or the Credit Card used thru PayPal processing. Check payment would be refunded by Check. You get the idea.

About Greg Vail Music

We are hardly a “WE”. I am Greg Vail and pretty much run the show around here. I had offices a few years back, but found them adding to the over head more than I could justify. I had to make the choice between charging a lot more for each CD, and cutting costs to keep prices reasonable and affordable.

So…. Greg Vail Music is a Home Based Business, run out of South Orange County, California. I have 6 CDs on my own label now and have been working on #7 for 2009. So far, all the music available here is my own. This could be changing, but not this week.

Greg Vail Music is an Internet Based Business. That sounds pretty obvious since you found this page on the web.

What you might not know is, I began developing web sites around music, gospel, saxophone and jazz topics a few years ago. I own over 200 URLs now and have big plans for many Greg Vail Music projects.

I have specific online goals that cover many sax and jazz related topics. For instance, the Teen Age Groups (target ages Junior High thru College age), AltoSaxophone.US, TenorSaxophone.US, now online and BariSaxophone.US and SopranoSaxophone.US coming soon.

For more advanced Sax Players, Saxophone.US covers styles and pop performance styles, covers new Saxophone Reviews and logs the business from my world.

For Christmas CDs, I have, and with ChristmasCDs.US coming soon. For Gospel Music I have up and on the way. For my CDs, sites will go online specific to each CD. And of course, is the central home of the network and the number 1 Sax Site on the web!

That’s Greg Vail Music! Enjoy the rest of your visit, listen to some CD Samples and don’t forget to help spread the word with a link to the site or by simply telling a friend.

I support the web sites with CD sales. At 15.00 each, it takes a few CDs to help offset the costs of running and maintaining all these sites. We don’t ask for support of any kind but don’t mind if you buy a CD or 3.

Thanks and God Bless,



Greg Vail Home

Greg Vail CD Catalog

Greg Vail Sound Clips

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Greg Vail Music
Artist and CEO
PO Box 1661
Lake Forest ,   California   92609
Work Phone: 949-837-2807
Fax: 949-837-2807

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