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Ben Vail


  "eMotion CD"

Greg Vail

Smooth Jazz Saxophone Player Greg Vail. Jazz Sax Player smooth jazz CDs.
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Welcome to Smooth Jazz Saxophone Player Greg Vail’s Home Page for his debut Smooth Jazz CD, "eMotion".


Originally Released on BrainChild Records in 1995, eMotion represents Vail's first Smooth Jazz Saxophone CD as leader. Digitally re-mastered with new Artwork, eMotion is now a-Vail-able on Greg Vail Music, and marks the third Smooth Jazz Saxophone CD Release on Greg Vail Music.

eMotion features Vail on Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone and Tenor Saxophone and includes the Smokey Robinson hit “Just To See Her.” Other big Smooth Jazz Saxophone radio hits include “Love’s Gift” and “Within Your Love.”

Saxophone Player

Smooth Jazz Soundclips

See the Emotion CD's Smooth Jazz Songs

Jazz Lovers… this Smooth Jazz CD by Saxophone Player Greg Vail is sure to please!

Emotion CD Testimonial March 2008

"I finally got around to buying Emotion. I am playing it for the second time right now. I really like it. You deserve to be as famous as Boney James or Richard Elliot. I will buy your Christmas CD when Christmas time comes around again. Mega blessings to you and yours."
Mark Wellman

iTunes Customer Review March 2008
"Amazing, beautiful sax. Need to hear more from this talented artist."
by Kasey'sMom

"Your work on Emotion blows me away. Rich, rich, rich. But more than that, I am surprised that you're not more cocky and obnoxious."
Robin R.

LISTEN to an Audio Sampler here - Smooth Jazz Sax CD Emotion. See what has to say about the Emotion CD.

The 1995 solo debut from sizzling hot Smooth Jazz sax man Greg Vail, features eleven killer tracks and hits heard on Smooth Jazz radio all over the world. Emotion is now available on Greg Vail Music - 2002; digitally remastered and repackaged for the new millennium.

Vail has recorded on hundreds of Smooth Jazz and Christian CDs and toured with some of the hottest names in jazz (Rick Braun, Keiko Matsui, Diane Schuur and more) over the course of his twenty year career.

His sax work is heard on TV (shows and commercials), the SAX BY CANDLELIGHT and SAX BY MOONLIGHT CD series and most recently on Smooth Jazz radio on Peter White's chart-topping hit, "Perfect Moment."

eMotion is available from our CD Catalog. Just go to the Smooth Jazz Saxophone Catalog for ordering information.

MP3 download links to online stores, Store, CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, and ships in the US with a PayPal Store - all in the Smooth Jazz CD Catalog.

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This Smooth Jazz Saxophone Page last updated JUNE 2010

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