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Saxophonist Greg Vail

Greg's new Christmas project is called "Christmas, The Hymns" and features beautiful instrumental versions of many classic Christmas Songs including What Child is This, Away In the Manger, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Silent Night and many more.

Greg's talents have been used by many in the Christian music industry. He has recorded on hundreds CDs with credits including Petra, John Elefante, Jon Gibson, Crystal Lewis, Vineyard, Maranatha, Saddleback Church, Morris Chapman, and many more!

We hope you enjoy the following EXCLUSIVE interview with Greg Vail!


"This album reflects my love for the traditional, dressed up and made relevant to the ears of today. I grew up in the church and love the traditional music of the Christmas season."

"As a jazz artist with a classical degree, I was excited to have complete artistic control! I took the Christmas Music I love, dressed it in commercial classical to smooth jazz garments, and unleashed Rob Mullins (the most talented musician I know) to create the most satisfying project of my life thus far."


About the musicians on the project, Greg tells us: "I played mostly Soprano Sax, and Flute, with 1 song on Alto Sax and an intro on Alto Flute."

"Rob Mullins joins me on piano and keyboards along with handling much of the arranging, orchestration, composition, and recording. You may know Rob from his work in the gospel area with Jon Gibson, but he's also recorded 13 of his own jazz CDs, composed numerous No. 1 radio hits for smooth jazz artists, been nominated for a Grammy, and toured with the biggest names in jazz."

"The only other musician was my 11 year old son Benjamin. He has 2 years of school band on Alto Sax to his credit, and was happy to make his old Dad's dream a reality by playing on 'We Three Kings'".


"One of my club fans said the very thing I had hoped for. She said the CD was very peaceful, yet joyful. The 2 things I wanted to see musically were joy and peace. These 2 words pop up a lot around the manger. There is joy at the healthy birth of any child, and there was exceedingly great joy at the birth of the savior who had come to take away the sins of the world."

"Peace is not a word that would come to mind meeting a famous world leader, but peace seems to be all around the human birth of the very deity that the Apostle John states created the universe." "For me, peace and joy sum up the emotional response God intended with the gift of his Son. It also was the desired emotional response to this CD."


"One of things that Vocal Lyrics do is take the listener through a story or thought. One of things sadly lacking from much of the instrumental music available today is a sense that the pretty picture takes you somewhere."

"The orchestrations on this CD where created in an attempt to induce an 'audio journey' for the listener. From the complex Copeland styled 'Deck The Halls', to the excitement of 'Joy To The World', through the haunting sounds of the Alto Flute establishing the opening phrase of 'O Holy Night’ right through the retard and key change restating the response to the presence of Deity, "fall on your knees." This is an orchestrational masterpiece.

’We Three Kings’ was the funky track, exhibiting the funky nature of these distant strangers searching out the Christ Child." "It was fun trying to take the listener through the audio journey portal into another dimension of the songs lyrical intent." "The songs that stand out to me are 'O Holy Night', because it is my all time favorite Christmas song ever, and 'Joy To The World' because it is so full of building excitement. I still get excited even after playing it 100 plus times. These songs are the bookends on Peace and Joy."

"Even the order of the songs had special meaning to me. Closing the CD with a call to believers with 'O Come All Ye Faithful' seemed very significant to me. Using the 2 flutes playing together restates the Truth that when 2 or more are gathered together, God is with us."

"My Prayer is that God use this CD to bring glory to himself and bring people to the feet of their Savior."

- Greg Vail

Update OCTOBER 28th, 2005

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