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   Insider's Page

Greg Vail

The "Insider's" Page News and What's NEW in Greg's World?

Updated DECEMBER, 2009

The "Insider's" Page,
wassup from greg.........

2009 News and New

The big stuff is here. The Day to Day is now on the BLOG - Sax Players Blog - Greg Vail's world can be a bit crazy. Drop in to see what is the latest!

Greg Vail Pic
Saxophonist Greg Vail - new Pictures 2008

A GOOGLE CALENDAR for Greg's Schedule and reminder the Schedule page has this and more for upcoming events in the South land and beyond -

  • Latest new site for Christmas 2009 - Smooth Jazz Christmas Music is online and just starting to look together!
  • Wow - really old UPDATES? OK - Greg Vail has a new CD - Smooth Jazz Classics - still working on a release date!
  • New Radio Show - The Gospel Jazz Radio Show has started with Greg Vail as Host. The first station to air the show will be - The New Radio station online from Saddleback Church. All the Socials are now set up for the show - All Addresses use GOSPEL JAZZ RADIO!!
    • Twitter - /GOSPELJAZZRADIO
    • Face Book - /GOSPELJAZZRADIO
    • Email
    • The New site WILL BE - - once I get it finished! I also own in case that is easier to remember. Let me know what you think - The "THE" is the sometimes there, sometimes not little word....
  • Really exciting stuff and please remember to visit the links page and lets be friends out on the socials!

Honesty is always the best call! I have been living more on Socials than anything this past year. Face Book and Twitter are my haunts - with my BLOG coming in a close second (or third depending on how you count that!) If you are on any social - look me up and friend me! Love the fan pages on Face Book too! Look me up and hook me up!!

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