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Jazz Saxophone Player Set Ups, equipment, endorsements, saxes, mouthpieces...
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Greg Vail Endorsements

Greg's Woodwind Equipment includes:

  • Yamaha YSS-62R Soprano Saxophone, now discontinued, Beechler medal 7 mouthpiece, Beechler Ligature with Rico Royal 2 ˝ reeds. 1.09
  • Yamaha YAS-875B Custom Alto Saxophone, Black Lacquered, silver M1 neck, Dave Guardala Bebop Traditional Alto Gold Plated Mouthpiece with Rico Plastic Cover 3 reeds. Also using a New York Meyer 6M with a Silver Harrison Lig, Rico Plastic Cover 3 reeds. Yamaha prototype, solid Silver Thumb Rest. 1.09
  • Yamaha YTS-875B Custom Tenor Saxophone, Black Lacquered, silver F1 neck, Dave Guardala Crescent Tenor Mouthpiece by Nadir at PMS Germany, Gold Plated, Rico Plastic Cover 2 ˝ reeds. Ishimori Gold Plated and Copper Ligs with a Brass Oleg Thumb Rest. 1.09
  • Yamaha YBS-62 Baritone Saxophone, Guardala Silver Plate 1983 Studio II with Selmer Silver lig., Rico Royal Plastic Cover #4 Reeds. Flight Case is the new Walt Johnson flight case for Bari. It is huge but not real heavy and seems to be built really tough. 1.09
  • Yamaha YCL-CSV Custom V-Series Clarinet, Rhueben Allen thin wall bronze 64m barrel, Jim Kanter Custom mouthpiece, Vandoren Optimum ligature, Vandoren 4 reeds.
  • Muramatsu Flute with wing tip head joint.
  • Yamaha YPC-62 Wood Piccolo.
  • Akai EWI 4000, Electronic Wind Instrument with Patchman sounds and Yamaha turbo Virtual Acoustic Synth module from Patchman.

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All Yamaha Saxes! Yamaha Soprano Sax (YSS-62C), Custom Yamaha Alto Sax (YAS-875B), Custom Yamaha Tenor Sax (YTS-875B), Yamaha Baritone Sax (YBS-62)

Greg's Electronic Equipment:

  • Sax Mics
    • Live - Audio Technica ATM35 clip on mic.
    • Read my ATM35 Review here.
    • Wired with the 9 volt, black box to cover when there is NO phantom power at the board, and wireless model ATW-R14 UHF with the 35 Capsule on both.
    • The Capsule gives them both the same sound. I use the wired most the time and the wireless gets out for bigger shows.
    • Bari Sax live - Audio Technica bass mic - Emotion D550
    • Recording - the AEA 84 Ribbon Mic is the bomb on all 4 saxes and flute. It makes any pre-amp sound great and mic placement is not touchy at all. Some mics have a bad proximity effect with close placement sounding very bottom heavy and playing more off the mic would get bright. This mic is full and even regardless of the size of the saxophone or mic placement.
  • 4 Space Rack Electronics - update 3.07
  • Read about the set up for this 3 Space Rack here.
  • 1 Space Rolls Mixer Model RM65 - HEX Mix Professional Audio Mixer. See my diagram for set up with a pic of the mixer here.
  • 6 Channel Stereo, Slider Channel Volumes, Bass and Treble, FX and Monitor, Pan controls on each channel. FX Return, Master L & R sends and 5 segment LED main level meter.
  • Back has individual Gain and Phantom switches, 1/4 and XLR inputs, 1/4 FX returns and MAIN output in 1/4.
  • Missing only XLR Main Outs and Headphone jack with seperate volume.
  • Effect - Lexicon MPX 200, 24 bit, dual processor.
  • The 3rd Space - Korg Tone Works 1 Space Tuner with cool lights is the current 3rd Space. Call me a wimp but I like being able to look down and see if my ears are working. This tuner is visible from accross the stage and makes loud funk/R&B gigs much easier.
  • Space 4 - Power Amp - 1 space an not a ton of power but works as a small PA and complete sax monitor system for live shows.
  • Countryman DI's round out the system and cover for the lack of XLR outs on the mixer.

    EWI Update 3.07 - The EWI Guitar Rack is no more - that gig never happened. The New AKAI 4000 EWI is a stand-alone in my current setup. I do bring the VLM70 module on occasion and that's it on EWI.

    The EWI Rack is back. 6.8.06
      Set for Guitar leads - Rock and Metal
    • Akai 1000 Driver, 2000 Sound Module, Roland 2020 sound module half rack, Rocktron sustain half rack, Roland M12E 2 space mixer with EQ, Rocktron Intelefex multi-effects, Roland SRV2000 Reverb, Yamaha TX81Z Sound Module.
    • Foot Pedals include Tone Works Guitar processor, Boss CE3 Chorus, Ernie Ball Stereo Volume.
    • Amp - Fender Twin and Sax PA rig with Peavy Power and Custom A3 12 inch 2 way monitors.
    • This set up can go thru Guitar processing or from EWI or tone modules direct to PA.


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