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  Gospel Truth Revisited press

Greg Vail

Gospel Jazz CD Reviews, testimonials and Christian Music review.

Gospel Truth Revisited Reviews

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The Gospel Truth Revisited CD featuring Gospel Sax Player, Christian Musician Greg Vail

The Gospel Truth Revisited CD cover by Sax Player Greg Vail, 2006

The Gospel Truth Revisited Reviews and Testimonials

Greg Vail Music (c) 2006

The Gospel Truth Revisited Home | Gospel Truth Revisited Booklet | Gospel Truth Revisited Press | Making Gospel Truth Revisited

Gospel Jazz CD Review


As the saying goes, "If you like sax you will love this." Over a dozen tracks on The Gospel Truth Revisited, saxman Greg Vail gives us a wonderful collection of tunes that will inspire, haunt and relax you in turn.

It seems unusual to find a jazz album that is basically a spiritual musical journey. We are programmed to think of the genre connected to smoky bars and a rather decadent, bourbon-soaked lifestyle, but Vail reclaims the music for the soul.

As the title suggests, this is an album of praise for God with tracks like "Embrace God's Way" and "Only the Lord of Love." There may not be a stand-out hit single track here, but the collection is well worth a listen. It puts paid to the belief that "the devil has all the best tunes."

by Nicky Rossiter
13 January 2007

Gospel CD Review

Featured Artist: Greg Vail

CD Title: The Gospel Truth Revisited

Year: Reissued in 2006 - Originally Released in 2001

Record Label: Greg Vail Music

Style: Gospel

Musicians: Greg Vail (saxes, flute, piccolo), Rob Mullins (keyboards).


The Gospel Truth Revisited is a re-release of the 2001 release by Greg Vail with the subtraction of one song and the addition of three new ones. The 2001 release of The Gospel Truth included a version of Carlos Santanaís "Europa." It has been deleted here and the three songs added are "Embrace God's Way", "Reach One More" and "More Than Worthy". These songs are all contemporary gospel, praise and worship songs used in churches to drive the church movement.

"Reach One More" and "People All Over The World (Sing His Praises)" includes a church choir on vocals. What really stands out so far is Vailís saxophone work. He plays throughout the song, but does not solo per se with the keyboards and programming done by Rob Mullins. Along with some great piano from by Mullins, Vail adds flute to "Healing Graces" with timpani added effects by Mullins as well. Vail really shows a soft side and it is nice.

There is a great uplifting here within this CD. You do not have top attend church or be of any faith to appreciate what Greg Vail has accomplished.

With his correct blend of saxes and flute and his choices of songs this update with the three new songs sounds fresher than the first release.

Gospel CD Review

Angel Eyes Music


A newer version of the original Gospel Truth with 3 additional new tunes. This release of The Gospel Truth is the perfect CD to play in the background at church, or listen to at home. The Gospel Truth Revisited is a collection of beautifully arranged praise music songs.

Embrace God's Way, Reach One More, Take Time to Pray, Good and Worthy, Healing Grace, More Than Worthy, People All Over the World, Only the Lord of Love, My Life, Don't Give Up, Fall, I Know the Plans

Gospel CD at Amazon

Product Description:

Contemporary Gospel / Christian songs featuring the Saxophones of Greg Vail.

Instrumental covers of many of the songs made popular from Saddleback Church, the Purpose Driven Church. Songs by Rick Muchow, Brandon Muchow, Morris Chapman and Alva Copeland provide a moving tapestry of encouragement, challenge and healing by one of Gospel Jazz's premiere artists.

Gospel CD Testimonials

Email received Jan. 2008


I listened to your sound clips online and you're awesome dude!

I play the alto and soprano saxophones, and flute on the worship team for New Life Evangelical Free Church in Aurora, Colorado where I am also on full time staff as the Building Maintenance Supervisor.

I plan on ordering "The Gospel Truth Revisited CD on pay day and as much more as I can get as fast as I can get it! (I put your site in "my favorites" folder).

God Bless you man!

Jim Spiegle

5 out of 5 stars Excellent, easy listening Cd for anyone who likes the sax!

Reviewer: J Long

This is a really great CD, that captures the sounds of the sax, but also the feel of Gods spirit. All the songs on it are different- variety of different sounds as the 4 different saxes are used, as well as flutes. One of those Cd's that you don't get board of! Good Job Greg Vail, this is quality!

PayPlay.FM Testimonial / Customer Review

5 out of 5 stars - Love this music!

Jazz Police wrote on September 03, 2007

I have been listening to this CD (The Gospel Truth Revisited) for weeks now and it never grows old. The songs are uplifting and the saxophone and flute is wonderful.

I would recommend this CD to anyone looking for some relaxing music to offset a hectic schedule. I find smooth jazz music makes my work go smoother and the time flies! Great job!

Gospel Truth Revisited site update MARCH 27, 2008

The Gospel Truth Revisited Home | Gospel Truth Revisited Booklet | Gospel Truth Revisited Press | Making Gospel Truth Revisited

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