Greg Adams - Trumpet PICs"

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My Favorite Pic from Greg Adams Show in Las Vegas by Greg Vail.

Greg Adams is a great trumpet player, writer and arranger.

Greg Adams - Trumpet Player

Playing with Greg Adams is awesome! The band is amazing and Greg is a child hero for me with all the great Tower Of Power horn arrangements and playing he has done in the past. I played Bari Sax, Tenor Sax and a little Alto Sax with the horn section and really have too much fun with this gig.

From the Queen Mary show by Greg Vail, Mark Hollingsworth and Ron King.

New Picture Gallery posted from Greg Adams Band Show, Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA. July'04.

See 100 great pics of Greg Adams and the band here.

Here are a few favorites from the L.B. Show.
Greg Adams on right and lead section guy, Ron King, left.

Mark Hollingsworth looking cool.

Mark Hollingsworth is a great sax and flute player. I just love this pic of Mark playing his butt off.

Queen Mary Pictures, July 2004: Greg Adams and the band, tons of pics.

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