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Ben Vail

Ben Vail


  Greg Vail Jazz CDs

Greg Vail

Instrumental Saxophonist Greg Vail – Jazz CD Recording Credits as Sideman.
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  • Other Jazz CDs featuring Saxophonist Greg Vail

    Greg Vail - Saxophone, Jazz Instrumental Releases as Sideman…

    Jazz CD Credits Include:

    • Christian Jazz Artists "Hymn Favorites" CJA Records.
    • Mike Marino "I've Got The Blues" Jasper Music.
    • Peter White "Perfect Moment" Columbia Records.
    • Rob Mullins:
      • "WE Remember, 911" Greg Vail and Rob Mullins Band Project RME.
      • "Welcome to Planet Mullins" Rob Mullins Entertainment/Yamaha.
      • "2001" Rob Mullins Entertainment.
      • "Joyful Noyz" Rob Mullins Entertainment.
      • "Dance For The New World" Zebra/Warner.
    • Kilauea:
      • "Diamond Collection II" BrainChild Records.
      • "Diamond Collection" BrainChild Records.
      • "Midnight On The Boulevard" BrainChild Records.
      • "Spring Break" BrainChild Records.
      • "Tropical Pleasures" BrainChild Records.
    • Various Artist "Radio Gems" BrainChild Records.
    • Patrick Yandall:
      • "Just Be Thankful" Apria Records.
      • "A Lasting Embrace" BrainChild Records.
      • "Of Two Cities" Yangi Records.
    • Steve Oliver "First View" Native Language.
    • Roberto Perera "In The Mood" Heads Up.
    • J Michael Verta:
      • "Time Line" BrainChild Records.
      • "The Phoenix" BrainChild Records.
    • Pocket Change:
      • "Higher Altitude" BrainChild Records.
      • "Mediterranean Affair" BrainChild Records.

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    • Mars Lasar "11th Hour" Real Music.
    • Ric Flauding "Love Was Different Then" Tromp E’Drei.
    • Charles Michael Brotman "Pacific Rendezvous" BrainChild Records.
    • Tony Guerrero:
      • "Mysterie" NuGroove.
      • "Now and Then" Fahrenheit.
      • "Ballads" Windsong Music
      • "Another Day, Another Dream" Nova Records.
      • "Different Places" Nova Records.
    • David Waters "Island Refuge" Abuergine.
    • Jeff Burak "Change Of Pace" Gallery Records.
    • Lynda Roth "Eclectic" Faye Works Music.
    • Myla Pool "Lush Life" RME Records.
    • Richard Smith "Flow" Heads Up International.
    • Chris Barber "Nobody Else But Me" Pawshere Productions.
    • Tony Windle "Right There" Gosmooth Music.
    • Various Artists "Contemporary Jazz" Delta Music, Inc.
    • Various Artists "Hollywood To Broadway", (4 Box Set) Delta Music Inc.
      1. Hollywood to Broadway, Vol. 1
      2. Hollywood to Broadway, Vol. 2
      3. Hollywood to Broadway, Vol. 3
      4. Hollywood to Broadway, Vol. 4
    • Various Artist "Art of the Jazz Ballad" Delta Music, Inc.
    • Michael Martin "Odyssey" Merrimack.
    • Pete Jacobs & Wartime Radio Review "Would You Like To Dance" Whitestone Records.
    • Pete Jabobs Orchestra "Big Band Christmas" Unison Music.
    • Pete Jabobs Quintet "The Rose Room" Whitestone Records.

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