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Instrumental Jazz Christmas Music featuring the Sax. Old School Jazz, real jazz by great Jazz Artists perform in the Christmas Jazz Tradition for this Christmas season.

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Traditional Jazz Christmas Music - Is It Christmas Yet?

Is It Christmas Yet? CD Cover Art. Jazz Christmas CD features Sax. Christmas Time Is Here, Angels We Have Heard On High, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, White Christmas, The Little Drummer Boy, Away In A Manger, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, Silent Night, Winter Wonderland and We Three Kings.
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Jazz Christmas CD

The latest release on Greg Vail Music marks a change in direction yet again.

...some Real Christmas Jazz

Old School, Real Jazz and some blowing. With literally hundreds of CDs recorded for a myriad of Pop Christian and Smooth Jazz Artists, Greg has taken this latest Christmas Jazz CD back to the sounds of old, with a Live Recording of Real People blowing Cool Jazz.

"Is It Christmas Yet?"

"Is It Christmas Yet?" was recorded late 2004, at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California. "Is It Christmas Yet?" features Greg Vail on Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone Saxophones and a host of other talented Jazz Artists stretching out in the Jazz Tradition. Typical of a sax project, there is a lot of cool sax playing; but this CD also marks a change of direction, in that, it features great playing and solo performances on Drums, Bass, Jazz Guitar and B3 Organ. "I just brought together a group of my very talented friends, gave some simple instructions, and we started recording" says Vail.

""Is It Christmas Yet?" is a very exciting project for me because I got to do "that thing I do" with some of my friends I play live with all the time. So many Pop Jazz records are tracked in pieces and put together later. With this CD, it happened just like that! - live, fresh and interactive."

Vail continues, "It was so exciting to take that Live Energy we enjoy in Jazz and burn it straight to disc. The real 'freak' is that it was for a Greg Vail CD this time... unbelievable!"

"More Christmas CDs?"

Let me answer before many of you ask; "Why another Christmas CD?" Although I have recorded solo CDs for Time Life Music and band projects with Rob Mullins Band and Kilauea, Greg Vail Music only has 4 CDs available and 50% of them are Christmas CDs with the addition of this latest release. Why another Christmas CD? Because I love this time of year! I really love Christmas!

I have a 5 year-old beauty named Vanessa Vail and the Holidays are a big thing around here. Seeing the Christmas Season thru her eyes has me mesmerized all over again; reliving the excitement and making new memories. In fact, this CD has so much to do with her that she introduces the disc with a question I have heard a thousand times, "Daddy, Is It Christmas Yet?" It's no accident that Vanessa asks that question as the first track rolls into "Christmas Time Is Here" which marks the sounds of Christmas for this late Baby Boomer thanks to the Charlie Brown Christmas Special every year. Vanessa even sings on the CD as a prelude to the Bands version of Silent Night.

The Title, Art Direction, Song Selection and more... Who did I ask first for input? My Baby.

The calendar on the CD booklet has days checked off just like Vanessa and I do around here so she knows when Holidays are getting closer. Even the Madonna and Child Image on the CD Cover is a personal favorite Christmas decoration for Vanessa and I. It was the first new Christmas piece I bought after my divorce for my new home. I liked it so much it stayed up, year round, for 3 years before I began putting it away after the Holidays and baby Vanessa loved looking at it.

Why buy Is It Christmas Yet?

This is just a concept...

If the 'noise making person' is actually 'an Artist', and that Artist has any artistic control or passion for the project, then the Music that is produced will have artistic merit. (TWO Big IF's before the THEN...) This Christmas CD employed some of LA's finest musicians, our favorite Christmas songs, and was recorded to capture the joy of music and the Holiday season. Simply stated - Really talented musicians having fun playing songs they love. That my friends is a win-win.

I pray it touches you like it did me the nights we recorded and lifts your spirits with each listen.

Please buy, listen to and enjoy this latest Christmas Jazz offering by Greg Vail Music and have a Blessed and Safe Christmas Season,

Greg Vail

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Is It Christmas Yet?

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