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Greg Vail

Free Search Engine Optimization Services– Want to buy a link for SE indexing? Faster than submission to Google - LINKs

This email was received in 2003 and marks a trend in Search Engine Short Cuts. Many services now sell links at rates relative to the GOOGLE PR for the linking site. Read a very good Argument for Buying a Link for faster Google URL adds.


Zarry here from the WebMaster Weekly. (They are pretty cool people and offer really GREAT services for webmasters) I have some important news for you regarding GOOGLE.

Recently one of my contacts who also works on search engine optimization shared an interesting technique on how to get the GOOGLE spider (googlebot) to visit one of my sites and spider it within 7-14 days, so that the next time GOOGLE re-indexed, that particular page would show up in the search results.


Note: this technique has nothing to do with pay-per-click or the Google Adwords advertising that you may purchase. I want to be clear on that so there is no confusion.


Generally speaking, when you submit your URL to GOOGLE, your site is added to the queue, and in a perfect scenario, eventually the GOOGLE spider (googlebot) will visit your URL.

The problem is, millions of sites submit their URL to GOOGLE, so it could take quite a bit of time before the spider actually makes its way to your site.

Even if you go to GOOGLE and do a manual submission, you are given this message....


Your URL has been successfully added to our list of URLs to crawl. Please note that we do not add all submitted URLs to our index, and we cannot make any predictions or guarantees about when or if they will appear.


Given this fact, it may take months for your site to be indexed or maybe your site will not appear at all.

Anyway, back to the technique I was talking about....

My informant told me that if he put my URL on one of his sites, which happens to be listed in the top 500 at ALEXA... that my URL would be spidered by GOOGLE and show up in the index within 30 days, GUARANTEED.

Apparently, GOOGLE spiders the top (most visited) sites listed at ALEXA, every 5-14 days. By having my URL on one of these top sites, googlebot would visit my site, spider the contents, and my url will appear in the search results the next time they re-index.

Very interesting!

Well, I decided to test it out, and had him put 6 new links to 6 separate sites I own, on his Alexa top 500 listed web site.

These pages were NEW, had not been spidered by any search engine, had no outside pages linking to them prior to this test, and were nowhere to be found on GOOGLE. These were the perfect test pages.

We added our links to his site on September 10th. On September 21st, the googlebot visited one of my new URLS. I know this because I looked at my web server logs and it showed the following:

9/21/03, 6:49 -- -- Googlebot/2.1 (+ -- cpanel.htm --

By September 25th, that page was showing up on the GOOGLE search results.

Go to and do a search for cpanel discount

You will see that my URL is listed #2 out of 582,000 sites.

I then checked out my other 5 URLs and found that they all had been indexed as well.

*important note: The reason for the #2 position out of 582,000 is a result of proper optimization of that page.

*This technique speeds up the indexing process only.

The technique that I described, simply guarantees that GOOGLE will index my URL and that my page will show up in the search results. This technique does not guarantee placement.

Does it really work? You bet it does. My URL was spidered within 11 days, and appeared in the search results 4 days later.

The web server log entry above shows the date/time the googlebot spidered the page, and if you go to GOOGLE and search for cpanel discount you will see that page actually appears #2 in the search results.


Remember that the GOOGLE search results are also shown at America Online, CompuServe, Netscape, Ask Jeeves, AT&T Worldnet, EarthLink and Excite.

So getting your link indexed by GOOGLE should be a high priority for you. The good news is, we can help you achieve this quickly and easily by using this proven technique for your URLs.

GUARANTEE: Your URL will be visited by the googlebot spider and your site will appear in the GOOGLE index within 30 days or your money back.

Chances are, we can get the googlebot spider to visit you URL within 7-14 days. Usually within 3-7 days after your URL has been spidered, your page will appear in the index.

This is a special limited time offer only, made to you and a limited group of WebMaster Weekly subscribers. Next week we have plans on offering this service to the general public for $47 per URL, at which time this discounted price will no longer be made available to you.

Go to

Kindest regards,


Editor - The WebMaster Weekly

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