"The Gospel Truth" Review,
JUNE 2002

In RE: Spiritual, contemporary Christian music, New Age, Inspirational, praise and worship music, Christian worship music.

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The Gospel Truth CD
by Greg Vail

The first thing I noticed upon listening to The Gospel Truth was some of the best sax playing I’ve ever heard. Greg Vail is a superb technician, and he is so much more. You see, every song he does is played from the heart.

The Gospel Truth is sometimes upbeat but usually soft and lingering. All of the music seems to be dedicated to Spirit and thus dedicated to the Spirit that lives within all of us. The end result is music that is serene and peaceful; meditative yet contemporary.

Greg offers his superb talent on soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxes, as well as flute and piccolo. He is ably supported by keyboardist Rob Mullins. There are 10 selections on The Gospel Truth and each is so pleasing, you’ll listen to this album over and over again.

More, the saxophone is often regarded as the most romantic sound of all instruments. Well, Greg Vail raises the bar of excellence with this CD. That makes The Gospel Truth just about as smooth and easy, ambient and moving as can be. Greg blends contemporary jazz to offer a sound that speaks of love—love and praise of God, and all God’s people.

Greg Vail is regarded as a saxophonist without peer. He has recorded on literally hundreds of smooth jazz and Christian CDs over the last 20 years—indeed when you hear great sax on the radio or TV, it may well be Greg.

The Gospel Truth, though, is an ultimate testimony to talent. If you’ve been looking for music that is all at one glorifying, romantic, soft and ambient, run (do not walk) to get your copy of The Gospel Truth!

Richard Fuller, Senior Editor of Metaphysical Reviews

Richard Fuller has been a publicist for the last eight years with a mission to support progression toward awareness of divinity and personal growth. He endorses and promotes works that fulfill that purpose and further our growth.

He features each review in his column which is featured on over 250 other new age internet sites.

Richard Fuller has enjoyed a career as a writer, magazine editor and advertising executive. He is considered, by his peers, to be a truth-seeker, upholding the highest levels of integrity in his support of the new age community.

The Gospel Truth CD

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