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The Gospel Truth

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By Fan Club President, Patty Tucker

When Greg Vail announced he would be doing another CD project in early 2001 we could hardly wait. Since Christmas, the Hymns took only 8 days to record we figured we’d be generous and give Greg two whole weeks for this one! Well, with busy schedules and the vagaries of the music biz, two weeks stretched to two months, then four, then almost half a year – and the waiting is getting HARD!

But it’s almost over. The cool new “hot-metal” (HTML) banner added to the web site home page by Patricia was our first hint. Now we can start counting down the days until The Gospel Truth will finally be out! As the title implies, it will be a collection of inspirational tunes, gathered from many of Greg’s favorite songs from his church. In no way does this limit the audience that will be enthralled by the music. Purely instrumental, the songs presented are universally appealing, blending jazz, classical and new-age vibes in the unique way only Greg and his production partner Rob Mullins could achieve. Each title was chosen because it holds a personal meaning or recalls a special memory for Greg. This guarantees that the whole album will be delivered with such heart and love that you would have to be the proverbial stone to remain unmoved by it.

As a special treat for many long time fans, Greg’s unbelievable rendition of Santana’s “Europa” will be included on the new CD. (Yes, Sharon it’s true!) For years, when asked when he would commit “Europa” to disc, Greg’s reply has been “Never!” But never has arrived and it is even greater than we could have imagined. As the only secular cut on the CD, it is ironic that Europa” may turn out to be the epiphany piece of the whole project!

Recently, I had the privilege to hear several of the as yet un-mastered recordings. (Being fan club president does have its perks!) The car was the only place with an adequate sound system, so wrapped in the steel shell, in the dark with the volume cranked up, I was able to completely dissolve into the music. It was an awesome experience – difficult to put into words. I can tell you that on one cut there are layers upon layers upon layers of flute tracks, like a celestial woodwind host. But, if you listen carefully, you can hear the run of harp strings. Greg attests that no harp was recorded…! I can only suggest that you try this listening strategy yourself when you first get your copy.

Now, Greg tells me that because I’ve been a fan for so long, my opinion doesn’t actually count anymore. He says I could hear him play anything, badly, and still think it was wonderful. I don’t know if this is true; I’ve never heard him play anything badly. But, I guess it means you can’t take my word for any of this. You’ll just have to decide for yourself. You can already place your order for the CD on this web site, so you will be assured of getting your copy hot-off-the-press. Do it, NOW!!! I promise you will be enraptured and inspired, thrilled and overjoyed – and that’s The Gospel Truth!

- Prez Patty

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The Gospel Truth CD

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