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Free Search Engine Optimization Service– What do the Engines Index? Keywords - Do it yourself SEO Consultant.

Search Engine - SEO

Optimization 101

Overture Offers free Search Word advice to sell their Pay per Click Program. This tool shows the actual number of times your search word and related words/terms are searched for the previous month on Overture Searches. They have to offer a tool like this to sell the PPC services but you can use this for free.

Want good search words to drive quality traffic?

Start with a general term or 2 that covers your product or service. You will get that Search Word's actual activity over the last Month for people Searching on the Overture Engines. You will also get traffic numbers for Related Search Terms for that same month.

Ever wonder how the BIG GUYS stay on top of the Search Engine World? They check Search Term Reports and watch for what people are looking for. This information effects how you present your products, what you name them and might even give you new product ideas based on what people are looking for.

First timer? New to Search Engine Optimization?

How is someone going to find

You can use words or terms that are way to confined or way to big and obscure.

What is the goal?

Quality Traffic to your site.

What is the Site purpose?

Example: is a local small business that wants to make the locals aware of his location, basic prices, menu, and maybe move into the catering business for Beach Parties and Small Business functions in town.

John has all the information he needs now to work on site content and Search Words/Terms to help locals find that information.

Local Small Business - His name, Business name, web site name, the pier he is on, that section of town, beach name, the locals call it "What", name of the City and County.

John's text would include his address, phone and a map to The Crab Shack - we have Local, and Location covered.

John's site works out easy from here because a Menu with Prices and a New Services Page that offers the same amazing "John's Crabs" at your party or function with contact information and a few rough versions of services he can offer off site with prices; The site is done, focused and meets the desired purpose.

You can make a Keyword list with this information and it would probably serve John's needs just fine.

If John wanted to work on more site traffic and building or developing the website further, he would want to work on refining his Keywords and optimize around these terms.

John is going to take his keyword list and run them on Overtures "Term Suggestion Tool."

    John is going to find out that:
  • No one has ever actually Searched some of his Keywords
  • Some Keywords Terms just need the words in a different order for much higher visibility
  • There are great ideas for:
    • Additional or new keywords to add
    • New website pages (Like Crab Dishes, other Local Business's in town)
    • New product ideas (a Cookbook to sell, Little Crab gifts/toys, new name for an old dish, new menu items)
    • promotional marketing ideas (John's Shirts, stickers, surf and skate hats, sponsor a Skate Contest)

Tips for using the Term Suggestion Tool Results

Your Keywords must be what your site is about; 1-3 words that will help someone find what they where looking for on the web.

Your Keywords should be researched on a service like Overture to be terms people actually use when surfing on the web.

Keyword Relevancy is a term used to indicate whether your Terms relate to your Site Content. Choose Terms that reflect your site content or the traffic/people will mean nothing.

Choose Terms that are good for your content and that are both 'popular' and 'not-so popular' from the Suggestion Tool.

Popular Terms can be very competitive and very hard to get top 20 placement on. Using Terms that are more specific and less popular can drive more quality traffic to your site because you can get better rank on those terms.

What do you do with this research?

Take your Suggestion Tool Results, Copy/Paste them into a word Doc and date the file. You will want to do this a few months to get started and then check back every 3-6 months to see where things are going for your Search Words/Terms.

Highlight the terms you want to use and get them in a list to add to your Meta Tags, 'Keywords' for your website. These tags are placed in the HEAD TAG at the top of your webpage. They are not visible on the page but are used by Search Engine Spiders to see what you think your site is about. They used to have more importance, but over recent years, visible text and links, to and from a Web Site has become the more important information to Index.

Still having trouble finding or selecting Keywords?

Check other sites that are related to your products or services that also rank high on search engines for additional ideas. You can Right Click a web page and Click View Source to see what keywords others are using.

Try to keep your site content focused on the primary purpose you went online.

Be aware that your Keywords Tag only tells Spiders what you think your site is about.

How do I Optimize my site using my newly researched Search Words?

Keyword Relevance is defined as how you use your Keywords in your 'Meta Tags' and 'Body' of your text.

Lets Look at Keyword Rich Meta Tags:

Once you have a working list of Keywords, you must finish your necessary Meta Tags with special care to Keyword Selection.

The 3 big Meta Tags are Title, Keywords and Description. You want to be careful to use your Keywords from that researched list in your website Title.

Example for John's: John's Crab Shack Huntington, CA. - The best Crab Cakes, local crab legs, fresh catch crab off the Pier.

Keywords in your list would include: John's Crab Shack, Crab Shack Huntington, Huntington Beach, Huntington Beach fresh crab, Huntington Beach Pier, best crab cakes, crab shack, Huntington Crab Shack, HB fresh crab, local sea food restaurants, huntington beach sea food restaurants.

NOTE: Your Keyword List should not have any word listed more than 5-7 times. The list that has Crab used 100 times will be rejected for Spam. Search Engines don't like seeing words used over and over. They see it as trying to abuse the system and will not add spammed sites or just drop you to the bottom of a 5,000+ site list.

Description will be 2-3 sentences long whereas the Title should be 1-2.

Your Description should also be Keyword rich and might look something like this: John's Crab Shack: Voted Best Crab Legs in Southern California. On the Huntington Beach Pier- award winning Crab Cakes, Fresh Caught Crab Dailey.

You see Crab 3 times, Your Specialties "Crab Cakes" and "Crab Legs", the name, area, city, pier location and advertising attached with "Award Winning" and "Voted Best..."

Keyword rich with hooks to draw in visitor and a possible new customer or two.

Lets look at Keywords in your Body Text - Keyword Density

Keyword Density is defined as the percentage of Keywords to other words in your Written Text - the stuff people do see on your website. Your Meta Tags are for the Spiders and Search Engines to see what you think your site is about. The Body of your website has Text that IS what your site is about and IS what your Visitor sees.

What is website Optimization?

It is maintaining the same focus we started with; first defining what your site is about - the Purpose.

Second, developing and refining a list of Keywords that people use, to find products or services like yours.

Third, working these Keywords into your Title, Keyword List and Description found in the HEAD tag, (Meta Tags) at the top of your website for Search Engines only.

Web Copy - Text - What do you have to say?

Now you need to look at your 'Copy'. The stuff you wrote on your web page - the text - the words people see.

That text needs to have lots of your Keywords in it, while offering your visitor well written and helpful information based on the Search Words that brought that visitor to your site.

Put even more simply; you have to use your Keywords in your Text to have the Keywords mean anything.

The use of these words in your HEAD and BODY sections make Search Engines Happy. But, you have to have more than just a bunch of Keywords on a page for the Visitor that just found The Keywords are for the Search Engines. The Text has to offer a person cool information about what they searched.

In sales, this is called Conversion. How many Visitors Buy your product or service?

The balance between these 2 things can be very hard to reach. Just list your keywords in your Text a bunch of times and it might get a better listing, get you spammed for the same words over and over or send your visitor away after only 3 seconds on your site. Getting traffic is important but not the Purpose of your site.

What was the GOAL Again?

John has a Purpose and Goal for his Crab Shack website. Getting the site up, working, findable and meeting the Goals: web presence, advertising and possible new products or services to be developed.

Relevant Search Keywords, Focused Site Theme, Search Engine Ready, Optimization 101 Complete.

Optimization 102

Apply the same techniques to your other pages using more specific Search Words/Terms for the content found on each page.

Optimization 102 Complete

I have seen reports that state 85% of websites online don't have meta tags. I know it also takes some time to refine a site with used Search Terms and would guess most webmasters have not done this yet either.

I have had many friends send me to their sites, asking for advice over the past Month. In every case, the Page Title was just the website URL and Meta Tags were not in place at all or contained a mindless list of keywords that were copied to every page and served as NO HELP AT ALL to Search Engines trying to index the pages.

Simply applying some common sense and education to a website will make all the difference in the world. Try it. You have nothing to loose and so much to gain.

Just a brief note and update for 2005.

All these basic techniques are still the best way to go and I have proof.

I was contacted by the Parent Company to my OLD 'example site' in this article. It is now John's but was another name starting with J.

They required I remove all reference to the old ‘example name’.

Why would they do this and how did they know it was even there?

When they searched the web, they found me on the Search Engines, ranked higher than they. In an article on optimization, I was reprimanded for the ‘example company’ because the article was written in a way that gave me too high a rank for that business name.

I responded immediately and made the change but found it very humorous that good optimization and name branding became a problem because these techniques work.

Now if that other Webmaster would get off their virtual behind and employ some of this page content, they would not have to try to remove what they saw as competition.

I wish I could go thru just one day without saying, "Stupid People!!!!"

The basics are listed here for free and you can do this. I'm just a sax player and have dominated SEO for many years now. Just be careful who you make up for stories or examples cuz a well optimized site will be found by all.

I'm going to look at my numbers again. Then back to 2 new sites I have top 10 for more fine tuning.

Blessings, Greg.

This Search Engine Optimization Consulting Tips page last modified JUNE 20, 2006.

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