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Ben Vail


  Pearls Of Wisdom

Greg Vail

Pearls Of Wisdom. Stories from Greg Vail's past that shaped his Playing.

Pearls Of Wisdom

We all have special moments in time when a situation or individual gave a piece of Wisdom that altered and then shaped our world views. With many of these stories being a little harsh, I have not put them up anywhere.

As I get older, I think little stories such as these, will encourage younger players when faced with challenges, to grow from them rather than be trashed by them. Every challenge gives both these options.

Many musicians miss the opportunity to grow and mature from these situations. I have developed a total appreciation for honesty from anyone willing to think and then speak.

There is story in the Old Testament, in the Bible, where King David is walking with one of his guys, and someone starts yelling criticism from across the way. King David’s guy says, “You want me to kick his butt for talking like that to you?” David stops him and says, “There is probably some truth to what he is saying,” and, “You can learn from anyone, even a fool.”

If you are so thin skinned that you can’t deal with direction, comments or possible criticism; then your musical course is already laid out before you. I work with guys that just check out when given any direction for the music. I do not, and will not hire anyone needing that kind of constant attention.

Pearls of Wisdom come from all over my world. These are stories I have never been able to forget and have found them coming to mind when sharing things I have learned thru the years. They cover areas of Music, Saxophone, being a student and life.

Site Area Updated AUGUST 1st, 2007.

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