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Leaving The Peter White Band. The Story and Pictures

WAS Headline News in 2002

Leaving the Peter White Band

The Peter White Band in late 2001. Featured David Sparkman on Keys, Peter White on Guitar, Greg Vail Sax, Dave Owens Drums and John Menzano on Bass.

Photo by Prez Patty

The Peter White Band - Late 2001

Guess getting bored with life is becoming a theme because change is way popular this year.

It was 6 years ago this January that I became a regular in the Peter White Band playing saxes and flute. This week, after much thought, I spoke with Peter and gave up my post as sax player with his band.

This was a very difficult decision since Peter's Band is great and the Peter White Organization has been the most together and professional I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Leaving Peter's Band was hard, but also very exciting. When I joined the band in 1996, my personal life was a disaster. I could not work my own band with all that I had on my plate at that time. Being a sideman for Peter was the perfect choice.

3 1/2 years after my new single world started again (which is really divorced again...not single?), I am more than ready to support the Greg Vail Music Catalog with live performances and a Greg Vail Band.

I'm really excited about this new direction, which is just getting back to where I was in 95-96 as I started my solo career.

So, here we go again; TAKE II. Stay in touch to see how, when and where things start flying...

Photo's of the Peter White Years.

Jazz at the Waterfront in Stockton, CA. Saxophonist Greg Vail and Guitarist Peter White.

Greg and Peter White in Stockton, CA. Photo by Prez Patty.

Peter White and Greg Vail, live in concert.

Greg Vail first meet Peter White while on the road with Kilauea in 1991. Photo by Prez Patty.

Peter White and Greg Vail performed in many different settings together.Greg worked in the Peter White Band for 6 years. He also traveled with Peter doing promotional gigs as seen here at Boarders Book Store in 1998 playing as a duo with tracks from Peter's then new CD, Perfect Moment, featuring Greg Vail on Soprano Saxophone. Photo by Brian Runner.

Peter White, Greg Vail and Dave Karasony on Drums.The Peter White Band has seen many great Musicians thru the years. Dave Karasony can be seen on Drums with Peter White and Greg Vail at Lincoln Hills Venue. Photo by Brian Runner.

Peter White - Guitar, Greg Vail - Sax, John Menzano Bass. This was an award winning front line, show after show, all over the US.

The only guy that started playing with Peter White before I joined the band was John Menzano. During my years with the band, Peter, John and I were the "regulars." Peter is the boss... and the other sidemen changed along the way, but we were the Three Musketeers.

Sax Player Greg Vail and Bass Player John Menzano in Los Vegas, NV. after a show.

When a bunch of guys hang out all over the country, some cute little nick names crop up. I started calling John- Johnie and it stuck. Here is a photo of Johnie and I from a show in Los Vegas.

David Sparkman has been the most regular Keyboard guy over the past 1 1/2 years.

David Sparkman started with Peter 18? months ago. David sings like a bird and has been a great bro since our very first gig together. Photo by Prez Patty.

Sparky and Johnie at Kimbals with Peter White.

David soon took the name Sparky in the band. Sparky and Johnie are still tearing it up in 2002 with Peter's Band since my leaving.

Greg Vail on Saxophone and David Sparkman on Keyboards.It was not until Sparky joined the band that Peter was given his sacred road name (Nick Name). Sparky started lovingly calling Peter- "Uncle Peta" and it stuck. I don't know if anyone addresses Peter White as "Uncle Peta" to his face, but when talking about the boss it's now "Uncle Peta"; Thanks Sparky! Photo by Prez Patty.

Found online. Photo taken by ? We did have a lot of fun. The 3 of us put in 6 years together and John and I are the 2 long term members; Johnny having a good year of time in before me.

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