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  • American Smooth Jazz Awards - Gospel Jazz

    American Smooth Jazz Awards - Gospel Jazz Artist of the Year 2010 - Greg Vail has been nominated for a Smooth Jazz Award in a brand new category - Gospel Jazz. VOTING is online and open to the public! and CLICK in to VOTE!!

  • Mr. Christmas Saxophone

    The Sax and Christmas are a great match! Greg Vail Music has 2 CDs available - one Smooth Jazz and one Traditional Jazz - All Christmas Music and recorded and produced masterfully.

  • Greg Vail in Santa clothes

    Saxboy Greg Vail has been doing Christmas Events for decades! With 2 Christmas CDs no available and a Santa Suit ready to wear; we will be at a street corner near you, ringing bells and singing the songs of Christmas!

  • Mr Santa Sax

    Love the Holiday's and heading out with Christmas bells and saxophone in hand!
    The Sounds Of Christmas Banner.

  • Vanessa "Santa's Helper" Vail

    Vanessa Vail is a big help to Santa Dad Dude when I go out and do Christmas Concerts. We often include our friends since Santa can never really have toooo much help!

  • Vail Family Christmas Banner

    Greg Vail has CDs available for Christmas! This banner shows the 2 Christmas CDs now available and includes pictures of Greg Vail during Christmas Concerts. 200 1800

  • GregVailSax.jpg

    Smooth Jazz Saxophonist Greg Vail
    April 2008
    Pic by Victor at Silver Line Photography

  • GregVailBW.jpg

    Greg Vail black and white - April 2008
    Photo by Victor at Silver Line Photography

  • Oscar_Greg.jpg

    Saxophone Player Greg Vail with Oscar from the band 10,000 Maniacs after a show. 2007

  • bash_2006_greg_vail1.jpg

    Greg Vail at the KSBR 2006 BASH concert at the Mission San Juan Capistrano. Picture from Brian and Kaye Runner.

  • van_8.05_tooth.jpg

    Vanessa Vail just turned 6 years-old and has lost a few teeth now. I know you know this but it is funny. YOU already lost every one of your teeth once in your life...

  • ksbr_bash_05_05.jpg

    Tony Guererro is the Host at KSBR for the BASH every year. Tony and Greg seen here backing Brian Bromberg for his featured song.

  • ksbr_bash_05_04.jpg

    Greg Adams and Chris Standring trying to figure out how Greg Vail is going to play this trombone part on Bari Sax since there was no trombones aloud.

  • ksbr_bash_05_03.jpg

    Greg Vail featured at the KSBR BASH MAY 2005 - Mission San Jaun Capistrano - Southern California

  • greg_vail_band_05_01.jpg

    Greg Vail Band 2005. Tom McMorran, Piano, left, Greg Vail Sax, David Levray Bass, Bubba Bryant drums, right.

  • Vanessa Sings.jpg

    Vanessa is now singing in Church Choir. She has been performing this Spring with the Saddleback Church Kids Choir at the Church, Rest Homes and Knott's Berry Farm. MAY 2004.

  • Vanessa Mothersday2.jpg

    Vanessa has a beautiful little spirit. Wish you could HEAR the laugh that goes with this smile. Mothers Day 2004.

  • Painting Greg Vail KSBR BASH

    This is a painting by Barbara McGuire in Phoenix, Arizona. The picture she used was taken at the KSBR BASH at the famous Mission San Juan Capistrano in Southern California. 146X237

  • Vanessa_Vail_2_03.jpg

    Vanessa Vail has many stuffed friends. Just ask her Dad because he gets to put them away all the time. Feb 2.03 PIC

  • My_Kids_03.jpg

    Ben Vail, Vanessa Vail and Greg Vail. Picture taken 6.02, right around Bens 8th Grade Graduation.

  • Yamaha_Bari_Sax.jpg

    Greg Live on the New Yamaha YBS-62 with the Greg Vail Band in So. Cal. Christmas 2002.

  • 2002BashVanessaVail.gif

    Gerald Albright blows a great solo but Vanessa Vail almost steals the show with some great moves with Slim Man thinking Damn!

  • KSBRGregVail.gif

    Greg Vail at the 2003 KSBR Bash. It is dark because I was this years closer.

  • KSBRGregPeterWhite.gif

    KSBR 2003 say Peter White and Greg Vail on stage together foir the first time in a year. 6 Years together and it feels so familiar and sooo good.

  • Greg blowing Sop

    Live at Kimbals East, Vail with the Peter White Band blowing hard on the Sop.

  • Vanessa Vail's Ultra Sound

    Vanessa started playing Saxophone before she was even born. You can see here in this Ultra Sound taken at 6 months that she was playing sax in the womb. Starting real sax playing in May 2002, Vanessa has played Soprano, Alto and Tenor sax this past month.

  • KSBR Bash 2001 - Greg Vail Blows!

    2001 KSBR Bash is held at the Mission, San Juan Capistrano on Memorial Day Weekend every year. 2001 Bash marked the public release of The Gospel Truth CD which was released May 2001.

  • Ben Vail 7th Grade Picture

    Ben is playing sax, but shows more interest in baseball these days. It must be tough to be soooo talented!

  • Vanessa has a big girl bed now.

    This is Vanessa, April 2002. We took down the crib and took the babe shopping. She picked the full Tweetie Bird Bed with a Sponge Bob Pillow to make it just perfect!

  • Vanessa Loves her new bed!

    These pics are hot off the press, April 2002. We got this pic the first day in her new bed. Smiles from Daddy's BIG girl. She turns Three in June 2002.

  • The view from the chair.

    This is what I see as I sit behind these beauties. From Left to Right: Yamaha YSS-62C Soprano Sax, Yamaha YAS-875B Alto Sax, Yamaha YTS-875B Tenor Sax, Yamaha YBS-62 Baritone Sax.

  • Towering Saxes

    The Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bari Saxes as seen by a bug on the carpet.

  • Yamaha, A Family Affair...

    Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone Saxophones. I like playing families of instruments for doubling and switching back and forth between instruments. This is a great family!

  • The Baritone Saxophone

    This is really big! Just ask my neck after playing a few songs. Yamaha YBS-62 Bari Sax.

  • Soprano Sax Art 2

    The strangest things grow on trees. I planted this one last spring... Pretty cool hungh?

  • Alto Sax and flowers

    I was in need of new photo's for the release of eMotion. I met with Prez Patty in San Fransisco and realized the great pics needed me out of them. Flowers and Sax, who needs the player until we need some sound?

  • Try Prayer

    Across the bay from SF, CA. Beautiful pic from Prez Patty.

  • eMotion CD Pics by Prez Patty

    This was an open field across the street from the cafe Patty and I ate at while taking pictures for eMotion. It over looked San Fransisco and was covered over 3 weeks later.

  • eMotion CD art

    This is the back cover from the eMotion CD. Photo taken by Patty Tucker outside San Fransisco, CA.

  • Photo by Tynan Hart

    This field was next to Tynan's house. The field is now a Target, and the house is another ex's. Change is a unforgiving thing at times...

  • Desest 4 by Tynan Hart

    Greg Vail with Sax in the Desert. I needed new pics since I cut off over a foot of hair. These pics were later used for the Christmas release. Now that was a big job for the Art Director!

  • "Europa"

    Photos Courtesy Patty Tucker
    Greg playing his unbelievable rendition of "Europa"...
    His fans can't hear this one enough!

  • 9.11 marines remember.jpg

    The following text came with this picture.

    1st Battalion, 7th Marines

    The proud warriors of Baker Company wanted to do something to pay tribute to our fallen comrades. So since we are part of the only Marine Infantry

    Battalion left in Iraq the one way that we could think of doing that is by taking a picture of Baker Company saying the way we feel.

    It would be awesome if you could find a way to share this with our
    fellow countrymen.

  • Sax By Candlelight.jpg

    Sax By Candlelight contains the same 40 songs found on Sax By Moonlight. This is the Time Life Version of Greg Vail's Sax By CDs. 154X154

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