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  Search Engine Ready TOOLS

Greg Vail

Free Search Engine Optimization Consultant – Search Engine Optimization Tools you can use

How do you get your web site Search Engine Ready?

    Free Tools Online to Refine and Optimize Web Sites
  • Work on search words with this free popular tool. Put in a Keyword and look at all the great ideas you get back. Net Mechanic sells this ‘service’, you can get it for free right here.
  • Net has a number of services available to try as part of there sales plan.
  • HTML Checker. Free Sample to test your HTML for problems.
  • Meta Tag Generator. Fill in the Blanks and it writes your Meta Tags for You.
  • Lissa Explains it all Meta Tag Generator.
  • Search Engine Submission. Submit your site here. Free Sample.
  • Search Engine Tracker. Check to see of you are listed on up to 4 Engines for any given Search Term - Free Sample.
  • Great Article on Search Engine Optimization By Net Mechanic writer Christine Churchill.
  • For a great article on Link Popularity by Larisa Thomason for Net Mechanic. Some of the information is dated though since Yahoo is now in the process of leaving Google for Search Results. It is always changing...
  • Net Mechanic Products Available for Purchase also. The free Samples are somewhat limited as to how many pages or how many times you can use them. Add them to your favorites and check your site regularly. Buy them if you want full access, 24/7. I've used them and they are very good.
  • Search Engine World Offers a number of great free tools.
  • Keyword Density Checker Is your site focused on the Topic you thought it was. Look at the word count on any web page and decide for yourself.
  • How big is that web page file? Check your page size. It effects the load time and this report will show you what needs to go on a diet.
  • Ever wonder what a Spider Sees? This free tool gives you Spider 101. What do they see when they Index your page?
  • The HTML Validator Checks for HTML Problems in relationship to HTML 4 Recommendations.
  • Free Link Popularity Checker. Works for Lycos/All The Web, MSN and Alta Vista Engines. You can list 4 different URL's to track versions of your own URL (with and without the www.) or compare your site with competitor’s sites. It can be a onetime use or emailed every week to you. I have 3 reports sent every week for my sites.
  • Exact has this Site Ranker as a free tool with a search term's results. Just put in your site URL and the search term/word and it will give you the results from the Exactseek data base.
  • Need help with HTML? Lissa Explains it All is a great site geared for kids so its not too hard for adults either. I use Lissa for HTML Help all the time and my son has designed many sites with her tips and suggestions.
  • Lissa has an Image Cruncher Available thru Lissa Explains It for both GIF and JPEG's.
    The bigger sites that have free tools - Go straight to the source.
  • Net Mechanic Listed a few times above.
  • Jim Tools They have lots of free tools from HTML and XTML, W3C and some they made.
  • SE Secrets SE is the ONLY service I tried and renewed. They cover all the news and all the Optimization you could ever imagine for a yearly subscription fee.
  • Lissa Explains It All HTML for kids. You can't go wrong here. I use the color charts and find code for things during Senior Moments.
  • Brave Net Used to have lots of free tools and I did not find them on my last visit. They do have lots of free page templates - Polls, Counters, Helps, Forums, and more. Free to join, easy to use.
  • Search Engine World Offers a number of great free tools.
  • Email with your favorite Free Services for Web Optimization - Greg Vail

This FREE Optimization Tools page was last UPDATE JUNE 20, 2006.

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