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Ben Vail


  Smooth Jazz Classics CD by Greg Vail

Greg Vail

Smooth Jazz Classics CD by saxophonist Greg Vail.

Smooth Jazz Classics CD

Smooth Jazz Classics

(Quote from Smooth Jazz Classics CD Booklet)

This CD is as much a labor of love as it is a tribute to the pioneers of the instrumental music that preceded and evolved into what is now known as "Smooth Jazz".

If a great recording needs to start with a great song, we couldn't have done better than this collection of classics, written and performed by some of the biggest names in the business.

What a joy to be able to play with these great melodies, and with such great musicians. Having legends like David Pack (who played Guitar on the remake of his classics hit "You're the Biggest Part Of Me") and Grant Geissman (who's original solo on "Feels So Good" made him famous, and who graciously repeated the effort here) was indeed as added thrill.

Every attempt was made to honor the spirit of the originals, while trying to add just enough of our own touch to them. I hope you enjoy my tribute to these classics even half as much as I enjoyed playing them!

Greg Vail

Famous Smooth Jazz Songs

Smooth Jazz Classics CDs

Smooth Jazz Classics CD Cover Art - Greg Vail Music 2008Smooth Jazz Classics contains many of the songs instrumental in developing the genre we now know as Smooth Jazz. Artists like Grover Washington Jr., John Klemmer, Chuck Mangione, Jose Feliciano and Herb Alpert pioneered commercial jazz instrumentals over the past 3 decades.

Smooth Jazz Classics includes favorite songs like Feels So Good, Affirmation, Rise and Touch, along with a few Pop classics like You're the Biggest Part Of Me and You Are So Beautiful.

NEW MUSIC NOW on Innervision Records / Greg Vail Music for 2010!

Smooth Jazz Classics CD Tracks CD Samples Audio - all 13 songs - 1 long sample

1 The In Crowd - The In Crowd Sax CD Audio Sample - made famous by Ramsey Lewis
2 Affirmation - Affirmation by Jose Feliciano and also recorded by George Benson
3 Rise - Rise by Herb Alpert
4 Feels So Good - Feels So Good by Chuck Mangione featuring Grant Geissman on Acoustic Guitar
5 You're the Biggest Part of Me - You're The Biggest Part Of Me by David Pack, made famous by the band Ambrosia and features David Pack on Guitar
6 It Happens Every Day - It Happens Every Day by Joe Sample
7 Got It Goin' - Got It Goin' by Tony Guerrero
8 Make Me a Memory - Make Me A Memory by Grover Washington Jr.
9 All in Love Is Fair - All In Love Is Fair by Stevie Wonder
10 Touch - Touch by John Klemmer
11 Love's Gift (Tenor) - Love's Gift by Tony Guerrero originally recorded on Greg Vail's first Smooth Jazz CD Emotion
12 You Are So Beautiful - You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker
13 Got It Goin' (Reprise) - Got It Goin' Reprise by Tony Guerrero and features some bowing by Greg Vail and Rob Whitlock

Or Go To - CD Baby has CD Samples for Smooth Jazz Classics and all Greg Vail CDs. Listen to Smooth Jazz Classics!!

iTunes has CD Samples and Example - Audio. Buy tracks or the whole CD on iTunes.

Face Book has the whole CD loaded to listen to. Hear full songs on the Music Player (and this is a public page, no membership or account required!)

My Space has many full tracks and the full CD Sampler to hear.

You can purchase a pre-release copy of Smooth Jazz Classics thru PayPal with your Credit Card or PayPal Account, quick and easy right here for ONLY $15.00, and that includes Shipping and Handling from Greg Vail Music!

This is a "MUST HAVE" for any serious fan of instrumental music, the saxophone and certainly, any of us that already love these great Jazz artists or classic hit songs!!

Thanks for listening and your purchase today.
More pages and fun info coming soon. We encourage you to email comments about the music to so we can begin Testimonials and Reviews on this exciting new project!

Thanks again for your time and contribution!

Smooth Jazz Saxophone

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