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  "The Gospel Truth CD"

Greg Vail

Instrumental Love Songs, Christian Instrumental Music by Gospel Jazz Saxophonist Vail.
Christian Instrumentals...


"The Gospel Truth" Home Page

In RE: Jazz Christian Instrumental Music, R&B Instrumental Love Songs, Gospel jazz saxophonist, Christian Jazz praise and worship music, Instrumentals.

Gospel CDs Gospel Music | Gospel Truth CD Home | Gospel CD Booklet | Gospel Review | Making Of the CD | Interview | Preview | Gospel Release Party | Testimonials | Rate the Gospel CD | Greg Vail Sax Home

Gospel Jazz - People All Over The World, Healing Grace, Europa by Carlos Santana, Good And Worthy Of Praise, Don't Give Up, My Life Will Worship You, Take Time To Pray, I Know The Plans, Only The Lord Of Love, Fall On Me, Morris Chapman, Rick Muchow, Encouraging Music. Christian Instrumental Music, rb Instrumental Love Songs, jazz saxophonist, Christian praise and worship music, Gospel Sax Player Vail.


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Love Songs - Gospel and Smooth

Welcome to Smooth Jazz Saxophonist Greg Vailís Home for The Gospel Truth CD; a romantic blend of Inspirational Worship and Instrumental Love Songs featuring the Saxophone.

This Pop Contemporary Gospel CD appeals to those with a deep spiritual awareness and passion for both life and God. Read the review by Metaphysical Reviews here.

Shelena writes March 2006, The Gospel Truth is Amazing! I love this CD! When are you planning to release another one and how can I get more of your music?

The Gospel Truth features 1 up-tempo gospel track and the remaining 9 selections are some of the most passionate and beautiful love songs I could find in the modern Church. Home of the Number One, New York Times Best Sellers book, "The Purpose Driven Life," Saddleback Church has been contributing some of the most moving music for the Modern Church in recent years. Eight of the songs on this CD are from Saddleback Church's Praise and Worship Music, written by my friend Rick Muchow.

If you are familiar with any of these songs, you will love this disc. If you are not into "Church Music" you will be pleasantly surprised by the Smooth Jazz approach, sweet sax, and deep passion found in this 'new music' to you.

Listen to a few tracks on the Gospel Truth CD Booklet page (next) and see for yourself.

Instrumental Love Songs

This Instrumental Love Songs CD weaves elements of Smooth Jazz, R&B Instrumental, Contemporary Jazz and Pop Instrumentals from Saxophonist Vailís many years with Nationally acclaimed Jazz Artists, and blends these musical styles into a beautiful tapestry with songs described as Christian Instrumental Music, Gospel Hymns, Praise and Worship and Instrumental Praise. With hundreds of recording credits for both Gospel and Jazz Artists alike, The Gospel Truth is truly the culmination of a lifetime of personal and musical growth.

Recorded at Rob Mullins MuchTooLoud Studio in 2001, The Gospel Truth features Saxophonist Greg Vail on Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Flute and Piccolo; Rob Mullins on Piano, Keyboards, all programming and production; and the Rob Mullins Band featuring Saxophonist Greg Vail live in the studio for a cool bonus track; Ďthe songí that made Smooth Jazz a household name, "Europa" by Carlos Santana. This new recording of the pop/rock instrumental "Europa", first made popular on Saxophone by Gato Barbieri, has been highly anticipated for years by Greg Vail fans. Hear a NEW SAMPLE of the Sax Blowing the big finale on Europa. Just added, a NEW SAMPLE of the 40+ tracks of Flute on the closing number, Fall. Check out all the Clips in the Sound Clips area.

Contemporary Gospel Instrumentals

Pages in this area include the Gospel CD Booklet, Gospel CD Reviews, press release entitled Preview, The Making of The Gospel Truth, the Gospel Truth release party, an interview for Planet Mullins and customer Testimonials.

People from all walks of life and all over the world are singing the praises of this hit Gospel Instrumental CD.

God Bless and Enjoy,

Greg Vail

Gospel Saxophone CD Testimonials

A Favorite review from - 5.05 -
Review Title -- Stunning!
Reviewer: davidindran
"Absolutely stunning, spiritual and smooth, professionally mixed, a cocktail of Jesus and silk. An album that one wonders could be the sounds from God's home."

Richard Fuller, Senior Editor of Metaphysical Reviews

"Greg blends contemporary jazz to offer a sound that speaks of loveólove and praise of God, and all Godís people." ..."run (do not walk) to get your copy of The Gospel Truth!"

A Satisfied Customer - Nancy

"What a Joy it is. Thank You for sharing your heart. Thank you for sharing your talent that God has given you. May the blessings you give to others through your music come back to you in abundance!"

The verdict is in:
Brian Runner, "It is absolutely incredible!!!!"
Scott Wilkie, "Truly inspired stuff man. You and Rob both sound great on it."
Mary L., "You're the best! I'm listening to it right're so great."
Monica L., "I absolutely love it!"
David, "Stunning!"

Instrumental Gospel Site update MARCH 27th, 2008

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Instrumental Love Songs

This CD found when searching: Instrumental Love Songs, Contemporary Christian music, Gospel Saxophonists, Christian praise and worship music, contemporary gospel jazz saxophonist, Christian Instrumental music CD, Music Gospel Saxophone.

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