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"The Gospel Truth" Release Party

Peter White and Greg Vail, Live at Borders Book Store.
Photo Courtesy Kaye Runner
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On Growing Up, Growing Strong and Growing Plants

By PrezPatty

June 23rd marked the official release of the new Greg Vail CD The Gospel Truth. The party at Kikuya in Huntington Beach was a huge success, musically and socially. Seeing hundreds of friends and fans from all over the world, gathered to celebrate the new music was as inspiring as the tunes themselves, and put me in a retrospective mood.

I have been Greg’s Number One Fan for almost a decade. (All you other “Number One Fans” are welcome to start a status debate on the website!) “Discovering” him at the Catalina Jazz Fest with Dave Patt’s Pocket Change and again with Kilauea, I had never before been so captivated by the heart and craft of a single musician. There was no doubt that Greg Vail was something uniquely special. And those pointy-toed cowboy boots!! I was hooked… and started following the show.

I saw him on stage with Peter White, Rick Braun, Slim Man, Rob Mullins, his own band and the Killer Vees (anyone else remember that one?) Like so many others I stood in line to have my CDs signed and waited jealously while teenagers braided his hair and otherwise mature women bared their shoulders for his autograph; vowing never again to wash! I saw him play elegant ballrooms, backstreet bars and in Church; even a kid’s playground and a train station! Through all this, I gained a reputation of my own as the “Front Row Chick”.

But, from my up-front perch, I began to realize I was witnessing a most remarkable process -- the evolution of an artist. The Gospel Truth is a major punctuation point to this fact. The musical talent, the technique, the mastery, has always been there. The phenomenal success of Kilauea in the ‘90’s points to that. Now though, because of challenges met and accepted, the artist has acquired a richer palette and a greater depth of experience from which to draw. No hot, young musical star can, yet, understand this.

No longer just a flashy musician for hire, Greg is a now single dad, a fledgling record label businessman and an active member of his church and community. Lately, he has taken to journalizing some of the recent personal struggle and its impact on his music. He may soon share some of that with us on this website. But, I believe this CD, The Gospel Truth, is the evidence that Greg Vail is succeeding at turning pain into progress and anguish into growth. The music and its presentation are thoughtful and introspective. It is offered to the critical world with a prayer that it will be a pathway to Peace. It is solid, confident, innovative and humble, all at the same time.

A wise person recently told Greg you could judge your own emotional health by the condition of the plants in your house. He now points proudly to a vigorous potted specimen at the kitchen door. Its strong limbs and new growth excite him. And he has given us The Gospel Truth, as his way of sharing that excitement and the encouragement it offers.

So, to Greg, from your fans: We will pray for your pothos, we appreciate your openness and we thank you for bringing us The Gospel Truth. Please, always remember – Don’t overwater…..!

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