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Jazz Sax Player Greg Vail plays Smooth Jazz Instrumental Music on the Saxophone that everyone can enjoy

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"The Gospel Truth" Testimonials...

Review Title -- Stunning!
Absolutely stunning, spiritual and smooth, professionally mixed, a cocktail of Jesus and silk. An album that one wonders could be the sounds from God's home.
Reviewer: davidindran @ MP3Tunes.com


Excellent! Canít stop playing it!

Jake Ashworth


Hi Greg!

It was nice talking to you on Friday night at Spaghettini's. I bought your CD at church yesterday and I absolutely love it! I didn't realize that "Healing Grace" was on it too (since I was looking for "Europa"). That's the one song at church that will invariably bring me to tears every time it's played.

Thank you for sharing your gift of music. You did a fantastic job. God Bless!

Monica E. Lukoschek


Hi Greg!

We received the CD's today! Thank you so much! It is absolutely incredible!!!! We've been playing it over and over this evening. It's wonderful. It's even better than we were expecting, and we had very very high expectations. You are sooooo talented. Everyone is going to love it. We certainly do.

Thank you again for the CDs!

Wow! It's just awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian and Kaye


Hiya Greg-

Hey, thanks for giving me a copy of your gospel project. I listened to it all the way home last nite, and got thru the first 5 tunes.

Truly inspired stuff man. You and Rob both sound great on it. Really dug the sopr. sax ballad with the minimoog stuff (track 4 I think). If there were any musical justice in the world, you'd sell a ton of 'em!

all my best-


Hey Greg,

Thanks so much for sending me your new CD. You're the best! I'm listening to it right now....you're so great. I especially like Europa. I love the acoustic instruments. Great flute on Healing Grace too! I'm really enjoying it all. God will surely bless you for glorifying Him!

Hope to see you soon.

Love Mar


Hey Greg,

I checked that trackÖ(Fall). Great track - loved the flutes. How many flute tracks was that? Sounded awesome. And just a sprinkling of piccolo. Very cool.

Take care,
Love Mar


Sounds great man.. I look forward to doing a review on it. Our address is below. By the way, Ric Flauding sends his greetings. You and Eric M. joined him on his Love Was Different Then CD.

Talk to you soon,


Dear Greg,

Thought you might like to hear from someone who is thoroughly enjoying your music and who has been brought closer to the Lord because I have become so drawn to it.

I lost the home stereo in the divorce so I have to drive around in my truck to listen (to The Gospel Truth), usually with my dog Murphy. We find a pretty spot and crank up the volume. My favorite is the soprano sax and that lilting, uplifting flow of sweet tones....oooooo babe!

Now all I need is a stereo!

Best regards,



I just returned from church, all high with The Spirit and thrilled that I was able to bring two friends from the music business (Maranatha) to hear you play. Thanks for being there today, as it would have been a bit embarrassing to have done advance promo with no star. We could always have Jesus fill in for you!

They thought you were great. Another CD sale. (The Gospel Truth)

God Bless You Too,


Hi, Greg

Many thanks for the e-mail. Could you please let me know the names of the album. Have you made any plans to visit the UK soon. I hope so - I thought you were outstanding. please visit us soon. take care

All the best for the new album.



BTW Greg...

I was listening to the new CD on my stereo yesterday while on the computer... and it gave me the chills... (The GOOD kind... LOL) In fact when I asked my landlords about you staying in their house, they said they wished they were going to be home as they would have enjoyed seeing you perform too... You have a mini "Fan Club" in Atascadero my friend...



Dear Greg-

I just wanted to write you a few words to say how much I have enjoyed listening to your CD. What a Joy it is. Thank You for sharing your heart. Thank you for sharing your talent that God has given you. May the blessings you give to others through your music come back to you in abundance. Hearing your version again of Europa made it all worth the wait. Iím looking forward to the release parry. See you then if not sooner at Church.



Dear Brother Greg,

Thank you Ė Super Great CD!!! Please contact me in Aug / Sept Ė I WILL NEED Christmas CDís for gifts.

Love It, Jack T.


Dear Greg,

I received your CD and have enjoyed it very much. I will continue to anticipate you gaining the fame your talent obviously deserves.

Boo Giuffre

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