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  Turning 40

Greg Vail

Turning 40 in 2002

Ok, so I am turning 40 this year, but so is...

Jazz Sax Player Greg Vail is turning 40 in 2002. Lots of cool people are also turning 40 this year. Check out the list of famous people turning 40 in 2002.

Have not really thought too much about it but there’s probably good reason for that.

As fate would have it, my age has come up a few times in the last week… quite a few times. Rob Mullins (Writer, Producer, Keyboardist) and I have spent many hours talking over our careers up to this point in time wondering why there are not big houses, paid for, at the top of the hill for either of us. (Rob is my senior by a few days so he is wondering even more than I.)

Rob Mullins came back from MAIN STAGE at the Grammies Party with lots of stories and a “Grammy Bag” he brought to our little club gig at Kikuya in Huntington Beach, CA. The quick story is: Rob gave all the bag stuff away at the gig and the things no one wanted I got.

    2002 Grammy Bag Junk
  • 2 maps on the greater Santa Monica area
  • a lemon crisp energy bar that I really did not need
  • the latest issue of “US Weekly” Magazine. (Issue 367/368, Feb 25- Mar4, 2002)
What is my point???

The Cover Story for this magazine staring at me from atop the Piano as we start playing is,

”Look Who’s Turning Forty.”

”WOW,” I thought; “I’m turning 40 too!!!”

I was so excited to see all these people born in 1962 who are huge celebrities, wealthy and very successful.

  • Tom Cruise 7/3/62
  • Rebecca De Mornay 8/29/62
  • Jodie Foster 11/19/62
  • Paula Abdul 6/19/62
  • Tracy Austin 12/12/62
  • Rosie O’Donnell 3/21/62
  • Anthony Edwards 7/19/62
  • Joan Cusack 10/11/62
  • Jon Stewart 11/28/62
  • Brandon Cruz 5/28/62
  • Jennifer Jason Leigh 2/5/62
  • Thomas Gibson 7/3/62
  • Aida Turturro 9/25/62
  • Melissa Sue Anderson (Little House) 9/26/62
  • Anthony Kiedis 11/1/62
  • Flea 10/16/62
  • Sherly Crow 2/11/62
  • Tommy Lee 10/3/62
  • Jon Bon Jovi 3/2/62
  • Axl Rose 2/6/62
  • Star Jones 3/24/62
  • Jim Carrey 1/17/62
  • Kristy McNichol 9/11/62
  • Matthew Broderick 3/21/62
  • Laura San Giacomo 11/14/62
  • Garth Brooks 2/7/62
  • MC Hammer 3/30/62
  • Ralph Fiennes 12/22/62
  • Eriq La Salle 7/23/62
  • Emilio Estevez 5/15/62
  • Demi Moore 11/11/62
  • Ally Sheedy 6/13/62
  • Andrew McCarthy 11/29/62

When I talk to fans in a club (not the time to base a huge life changing decision), I realize I can be encouraged into believing almost anything about myself, if it's a huge ego stroke.

I mentioned this article to many and found myself thinking how being 40 is cool when you are good looking, career is screaming, young chicks still dig you, got money… sure you’re older, but its all good.

Then I got in the car and started driving home at about 2 AM. I nearly stopped in the middle of the freeway when it dawned on me that I only had 1 of 5…

NO young chicks, NO money, NO fame, NO good looks, NO success; I’m just old!

oh well………………..

I'm gonna work towards 3 out of 5 before I'm 50!!


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