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  Link Exchange Site Promotion

Greg Vail

Web site Link Exchange Program. Link to - Share links and get indexed.

Welcome to the Link Exchange and SE Optimization Helps

The following pages introduce and explain the basics of Web Site Promotion using Search Engines and Optimization Techniques you can do yourself.

Reciprocal Link Exchange Program 2005

Links from hign ranked sites (PR - Page Rank on GOOGLE) contribute to better Search Engine Results and a Link from a frequently indexed/spidered website is the fastest way to get a new site online. Click on "You Could Pay For This" to read an email received late in 2003, that makes a great case for buying links, but why? You Could Pay For This or get it free right here!

Lets trade Links and promote our web presence together.

The whole idea is explained below. If you already understand the importance of reciprocal links, have a quality site and want to exchange links, skip to MY Link Examples for My Link Information. Also check out the list of sites that NEED NOT APPLY.

Your site will be added upon review and confirmation of a reciprocal link. This is free with nothing to loose and another quality, high PR link to gain. does have great music online and is a pretty cool site to share with your visitors.

High PR Partners

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Read on...

Increase Your Web Presence

...with Quality Links

Increase Your Web Presence

A little Background on Search Engines and Link Importance.

As Search Engines have evolved to be more and more accurate and useful, many new things have developed effecting how they index pages and how your site gets 'found' in cyberspace.

Links to and from your site is what makes up 'the web.' Just look at a map of available flights for a major Airline and you will see that 'to and from' makes webs and most of the business goes thru hubs. The page rank of the page that links to you, text for that link and related topic of site links greatly affects your page rank or site position on the Search Engine Results.

You can find SEO Submission Services charging from $40.00 to $400.00 and promising thousands of Search Engines, top ten placement, and all kinds of stuff. Most of these 'services' don't do anything you can't do yourself, better, for free, and many are lame or just plain lies. Just ask to see a list of that 1,500 Search Engines and you'll see. Further more, most of the Search Engines get there information or Search results from less than 10 real engines. For instance, Google supplies results for Google and AOL in addition to supporting results to hundreds of lesser services and Mega-Search Engines.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

If this is all to overwhelming, you can hire someone to Optimize your Web Site. Even picking an SEO Company can be crazy. There are lots of options for getting visible online, and getting some help might be a good call for some of you. Feel free to contact me, Greg Vail for assistance in your Search Engine struggles. Now, on with the self helps.......

Is Your Site Findable? (Indexed)

It took me a long time to get my site to show up in the Top Ten for my own name! I was surprised to find so many Greg Vail�s on the web too.

Check and See.

Go to Google and search the main 3 keywords someone might use to find your site. Google is still the largest and most controlling Search Engine around and the best test for search results.

Is you site listed? Top Ten? First 100? 1,000? 30 Pages and Nothing Yet?

Keep clicking thru result pages until you loose you mind. Start a record with the Search Word or Term you tried, Search Engine used and track the total number of results and your return number or page number your Search Term was listed with the date.

If you get to 300 with no sign of your site; write Not in 300. Now start checking that Search Engine every 2-4 weeks and start thinking about how to change those bad search returns and get findable. Always track your results so you can see your progress over time.

Search Engine Ready?

This is an important note. I can help get you indexed but can't help much on your Search Engine Results except to add another link to your Link Popularity.

It is important to have your site ready for Search Engine indexing first. Do you have a Title Tag, Description or Keyword Meta Tags in place? Have you checked your Spelling, Grammar and internal links? Once you get a visitor, do you have well written content, easy to use site navigation and readable text for your visitors?

Here are some Free Tools you can use to get your site Search Engine Ready.

Now, How DO You Get Found?

You can pay a lot of money and hope for the best with a Search Engine Submission Program, submit yourself to the free Submit My Site pages offered on each Search Engine, or you can fine tune your site, submit yourself to the main Search Engines and develop links to nad from your site to be a natural part of this thing they call a WEB. The best results come from working all 3 segments - get the site Search Engine ready, Submit Your Site to each major engine, Work on Quality links to and from your web site.

Search Engines

When the Search Engines index a web site, they also check thru the links on that site. The fastest way to get on the real Search Engines is to link to and from sites already on the Search Engines that rank high and get indexed regularly.

Submitting to Search Engines can take 2-4 weeks and up to 3 months to get indexed. Indexing only refers to the Page showing up on that Search Engine. Great placement on that Search Engine can take 6 Months on GOOGLE for example; even with everything totally Optimized.

I would submit now to every Search Engine I can find a free submit for, because it can't really hurt and covers more bases. If you are in a particular Search Engines index, submission should only be for new pages or major changes. Google, for one, says you only need to submit the Main/Home page and the spiders will find all the rest of your pages and updates. If this is a new site; submit to everything.

I have been working the Search Engines for a couple of years now, track over 50 Search Words or Terms, and can be found top 10 on most of my Search Terms on most the Search Engines. Check me out and see for yourself. Try 'Jazz Sax Player', 'Smooth Jazz Saxophone Player', "Saxophone Player" or "Sax Reviews". These are pretty competitive terms and required a real effort for good ranking. 'Christmas Jazz CD', 'Christian Jazz Saxophone', 'Smooth Jazz Sax' to name but a few. Because I am indexed so often my results move around a bit, but I am top 10 everyday, on every primary Search Engine and this site is indexed as often as everyday by Googlebot and others.

If you can get a link to and from a site, like mine, you will be indexed the next time that site is indexed. I have seen people selling links as a way to get new sites on the Search Engines over the past few Months and it's not cheap.

Link Partners at are accepted on an individual basis. Primary considerations have to do with the link sites related content (Is it of possible interest to our visitors?) and the link sites quality (Original content, look and feel of the site?). PR or Google Page Rank #'s have nothing to do with our decision. Each request will get an email as to Adds or sites passed on. Thanks for all the requests!!!

Optimization UPDATE

I have started taking a few Serach Engine Optimization Jobs and have found a few intersting things. I can get a site indexed thru linking to them really easy. I have done it a dozen times now with friends that could not get indexed at all.

Everyone I know has used a website software program, designing a nice visual site that has no meta tags, no keywords, no site description or Search Engine preparation.

Every site that has simply exchanged links and applied a few, just a few of the Search Engine Optimization design and tag work techniques explained in my SEO 101 and 201 articles on this site; each site has moved from nothing on Google to page 6-8 with little work at all. Every site I get to handle goes to Page 1 for atleast there name and a few search terms and these are all sites that could not get indexed with Google (Page Rank "Not Indexed").

This is not rocket science. All of the News Groups and Forums say the same things. You can do this. If it is real important I can be paid to do it for you. Search Engines can be worked with and the Spiders can be fed.

What am I offering?

I have an online partners page for music related sites. I also link for other topics outside the music area as long as the site is of possible interest to our visitors. I enjoy helping to increase link popularity for members of my favorite forums, visitors, fans and customers at

What Do You Need to Do?

If you will email me with your URL and the text you desire for the link followed by a 1 sentence description of your site, either in HTML or plain text; I will add your site to my links page and leave it up for a month while your webmaster gets our link added. The link will remain after this time once confirmation of a reciprocal link is added to your site and emailed to

If we work together, sites with good content will begin to contribute to the web with real content and information people like you and I want.


Questionable sites with Adult Content, nudity, pornography, vulgar language, hatred, racism or offensive content need not apply. Links will be checked on a regular basis to insure quality and surf safety for all. Any site found redirecting to a questionable site, link farm or any other unethical misrepresentation of the link direction or description will be removed immediately without notice. You know what I mean. Any abuse will be dealt with immediately. No Notice is necessary. You know the rules and you know why!

Greg's Links

My Home Page link. is my overall Saxophone site with CDs, Bio, Schedule, news, articles and reviews.

My Home Page Link Example

<A HREF="../../index.html">Smooth Jazz Saxophonist Greg Vail</A> - Saxophone Player Greg Vail's Home Page with Christmas, Smooth Jazz, Gospel/Worship CDs.

In the above example, the URL to my Home Page is in code, followed by the Text you would click on to go to that URL and then followed by a one sentence description of my site. Either HTML or plain Text (I will write the code) will get your site listed on my Links Page.

    In plain text:
  • The URL:
  • The Hyperlink Text: Smooth Jazz Saxophonist Greg Vail
  • The Description: - Saxophone Player Greg Vail's Home Page with Christmas, Smooth Jazz, Gospel/Worship CDs.

The above HTML would look like this on a web page.

Smooth Jazz Saxophonist Greg Vail - Saxophone Player Greg Vail's Home Page with Christmas, Smooth Jazz, Gospel/Worship CDs.


My Christmas CD Pages in HTML Example:

<A HREF="">Traditional Christmas Jazz Hymns</A> - Favorite Christmas Carols featuring Saxes and Flute.
    In Plain Text
  • The URL:
  • Hyperlink Text: Traditional Christmas Jazz Hymns.
  • Description: - Favorite Christmas Carols featuring Saxes and Flute.

The Christmas Link HTML looks like this on a web page.

Traditional Christmas Jazz Hymns - Favorite Christmas Carols featuring Saxes and Flute.


These are just examples. You might have a list of Sax Players with the Sax Players names as the link.

You can edit these as your visitors might best be served by shorter link text and or shorter descriptions. "Greg Vail - Sax Player" or "Christmas CD - features Sax", "Instrumental Jazz", "Gospel Instrumentals", "Instrumentals" or "Pop Sax".

The idea here is to think about and develop links that interest your visitors, and increase your Web Presence by sharing these.

One thing that has changed in recent months is a 'caution' in using the same link text and description for links to your site. This is why I have the above links to listed only as examples. I encourage you to word the link and description that is personalized for our site, and to change the wording you might request from us, so that you don't have the exact same text for links to your site. Google, for one, has been down grading links with "same text" and might even be dropping the site rank for sites with too many links with "same text".

It is important to keep new links "fresh" to not appear to be generated by link farms or seen as spam for search engine ranking.

That's it for now. Lets get linked.

Email Contact Greg Vail with your link info and page info on where the reciprocal link to is on your site. You can control your keyword use, which increases the value of this link by emailing your website URL, Hyperlink Text and Site Description as you want it to read.

Thanks for your submission. Check back after 3 business days for your link listing right here at


This Link Exchange page was last modified February 12, 2007.

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